Q&A with FabFit Academy Founder, Ali Cudby

FabFit Academy Founder, Ali Cudby

“We’ve all heard the statistic that 70%…or 80%…or more women are wearing bras that don’t fit properly…It’s time to change those numbers for good!”

Last week, we received a call from Ali Cudby author of “Busted! The Fab Foundations Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic” with some exciting news. We were thrilled to hear that Ali was launching a new comprehensive, online certification course in bra fitting called, the FabFit Academy.

You can read some of the details here in her latest press release, but we also wanted to go into more detail about what the program is all about and who can benefit from Ali’s new program.

Ali put together a wonderful video introduction for our readers and we also sat down with her to gain some more insights about the FabFit Academy to share with our our readers:

FabFit Academy

FabFit Academy Logo

Ali, could you give us an overview of what the FabFit Academy is all about and how it works?

People always tell me that they’re working like crazy, and can never get on top of their to do lists. They want solutions to grow their businesses and focus on being both excellent AND more profitable, which means reducing tasks they do over and over again.

The FabFit Academy is a new tool to help folks in the industry do just that. Bringing certified bra fit training online means easy, efficient, and consistent training for people who want more time, more profitability, and more focus on growth.

Why did you feel it was necessary to introduce this program to the intimates industry?

We’ve all heard the statistic that 70%…or 80%…or more women are wearing bras that don’t fit properly.  With the amazing product that’s available in stores – from 28AAA to 56N – that stat is still out there.  It’s time to change those numbers for good!

Who its for

Who should be looking at taking your course and why?

Anyone who wants to focus on growth, improve their employees, and position their companies to be more profitable would benefit from this training. That means retailers, manufacturers, designers and folks in sales. Can you do training in-house? Sure! The question isn’t “can you do it,” but rather, “is this the best use of your time.”

How can an online retailer, with no brick-and-mortar presence, benefit from your program?

Fit is about understanding what women need – not just technically, but also emotionally. As I show in my bestselling book, Busted! there’s a deep connection between how women feel in their bras and how they feel in their bodies. Helping women on all levels is important regardless of whether you’re online, in a store or working elsewhere in the industry.  

I’m particularly excited about the module that teaches the connection between a women’s breast shape and the bras that will work best on her body.  

For those retailers with boutiques that have already had an emphasis on fitting, how can this course help them? 

There are amazing fitters in our world. There are also folks that simply don’t do a good job with fit and don’t emphasize it in their businesses — but anyone can hang out a shingle and claim “fit.”  Customers have no way to know who has truly been trained in fit – until now.

FabFit Academy members will get bonuses that pull from my background in strategic marketing and even my Wharton MBA. I’ll be sharing best practices inside lingerie and beyond to help businesses think strategically about growth, marketing, publicity and more.

What to Expect

Should prospective student’s do anything to prepare before tackling your course?

This class will cover everything from the basics to advance fitting techniques. You can learn my overall fitting philosophy and methodology in the free training videos that are available on the FabFitAcademy.com website.

Can you tell us what students can expect from your course from a multimedia perspective?

This course is easy to access for folks of all levels of technical ability. If you can play a You Tube video or open an attachment in email, you can handle this — at work, at home or via your mobile phone or tablet.

How long should people expect to dedicate to the course? How long does it generally take to complete? 

The class will be six modules delivered weekly, then a final exam, graded by industry experts, where you’ll demonstrate what you’ve learned in order to be certified.

At the end of the course, what do students receive?

At the end of the class, you receive:

• A certificate
• A badge for your website
• Special placement on my website, connecting customers to certified fitters
• Pro tips for making your certification work for you
• Personalized bonuses that will only be eligible for members of the charter class.

Where do you see The FabFit Academy heading in a few years? Overseas?

FabFit Academy is already an international tool – anyone, anywhere can take the class!  All you need is Internet access.

Where should we direct our readers to find out more about the The FabFit Academy?

Just go to FabFitAcademy.com. It’s that easy.

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