Q&A with Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CURVExpo CEO

Q&A with Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CURVExpo CEO

The trade show season is fast approaching and we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel (pictured above), CURVExpo‘s CEO, to our readers. In this Q&A, we talk to Pierre-Nicolas about all the new developments at Curve New York and Las Vegas and what buyers and exhibitors can expect this August:

Show Dates:
CURVENY New York August 4 – 6, 2013 – Javits Center North
CURVENV Las Vegas August 19 & 20, 2013 – Venetian Hotel

Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your role at CURVExpo?

First of all, thank you for the opportunity to get acquainted with you and your readers. I became CEO of the CURVExpo Corporation, which is now a Eurovet company, on January, 1th ,2013. I have had a long association with the Eurovet group since the days of my consulting firm. In that capacity, I worked closely with Eurovet CEO, Marie-Laure Bellon, on the group’s strategy: branding, acquisitions and operations. My goals for CURVE are as follows:

To consolidate our leadership in the intimate apparel industry and expand the swim and men’s categories, to increase CURVE’s visibility in North and South America and to promote the Eurovet shows within the American fashion industry.

CurvExpo's homepage

The CURVExpo.com website recently underwent some updates, can you tell us about the improvements and updates?

This is very important as our site is our connection with buyers and brands throughout the year. We worked both on look and content. In regard to the look, the goal was to create an upscale online image and to offer one platform for both our shows, CURVENY AND CURVENV, inclusive of the swim category. We added a touch of femininity with the embroidery suggestion.

As far as content is concerned, we communicate on the new format for Las Vegas, the two-day event that is a success. More on that later.

Last but not least, we are currently working on a brand-new online platform that will be the focus and meeting point of the industry in the US and at large, encompassing the international shows that are part of the Eurovet family of brands.

CurveNY Eucalan booth with Jennifer Edgar and Kristin Omdahl

Above: at the Eucalan Lingerie Wash booth with Jennifer Edgar and Kristin Omdahl.

CURVENY is coming up the first week of August, can you tell our readers what new developments are in store for the August NY Show?

For the first time this season, CURVE takes place during the lingerie and swimwear market week. Because time is money, we have put a car service in place to transport all major retailers from the showrooms to the Javits Center North.

To generate new business, retailers will be invited to participate in a sweepstakes: every time they will place an order on premise and open a new account they will have the chance to win a trip to Paris

The gallery: This is a brand-new open space at the center of the floor plan designed to showcase new and emerging designers.

In short, dates and location & retailers are all top, a good recipe for a successful show.

Claudette's Bok Goodall with buyer's at CURVE.

Above: Claudette’s Bok Goodall and Lindsey Borchard with buyer’s at CURVE.

What are some key events for visitors that our readers should know about? Any seminars planned for retailers and/or brands?

At CURVENY New York we have scheduled the following seminars:

  • A SS14 Trend Seminar with brand illustrations to introduce retailers to the season’s trends and direct them accordingly on the show floor.
  • A FW14 Trend Seminar: for the brand designers to spur their creativity and help them jump-start their new lines.
  • The benefits of carrying Swimwear in your Lingerie Store – More to follow.
  • A Discussion Panel between Buyers & Brands – More to follow.

On the west coast, at CURVENV Las Vegas we have planned a party:

  • The Beach Party is a swim networking event for the top retail players and the brands. Models will present the season’s hits. And of course, hors-oeuvres and drinks will be offered.

What are some new to CURVENY brands that are coming in August?

Barefoot Dreams, Body Hush, Cheek Frills, Chickies, Dolores Cortes, Donna Reis, Fortnight Lingerie, Invisibra, JOR Underwear, Kibys, Kisskill, Lionella, Lusomé, Mirame Swim, MOI Apparel, NaiS, Nichole de Carle, Nude Barre, Peixoto, Sokoloff, Sunday Intimates, Too Beautiful, Wood Underwear, Wrap Up… and more!

How many brands are you expecting in NY to participate?
280 brands.

Is there anything new with the venue at Jacob Javits?

We have slightly reconfigured and extended the floor plan for the “fashion” brands which will occupy the first segment of the show. At the center, you will find the Boutique Lingerie and the Gallery with the collections of a new designers’ generation, and the iconic foundation brands will remain in their customary location.

Visitors to Curve

At the last edition of CURVENY, many exhibitors commented positively on the changes to CURVENV. Could you give our readers an overview of what changed in the Vegas Show?

The two-day format is undeniably efficient and works best for buyers and brands for two reasons:

Reduced travel expenses on the one hand, and an all -inclusive show on the other hand with breakfast, lunch and party all in one.

We also put in place a VIP program to strengthen the relationship with the best retailers.

150 stores have been selected to be part of this VIP program and access a number of advantages such as:

  • The VIP lounge
  • Enhanced accommodations
  • Customized services at the show to facilitate their work.

The show dates are from August 19 – 20, 2013 — why only two days?

The success we encountered and the feedback we received from brands and buyers convinced us to continue with the 2-day format. It is perfect for attendees with reduced budgets and time constraints. It makes perfect economic sense.

What are some of the key events and seminars happening at CURVENV that our readers should know about?

We have the beach Party I mentioned before. We did not schedule any seminars on purpose. We want buyers to concentrate for two days on business only.

Curve Booth

What are some new to CURVENV brands that are coming in August?

2Bamboo, Body Hush, Charmante, La Blanca, Ladaska Mechelle, Mia Marcelle, Nanette Lepore Swim, Nude Barre, Sunday Intimates, Trina Turk Swim, Wood Underwear… and many more!

How many brands are you expecting in Vegas to participate?
250 brands.

For a buyer or exhibitor first coming to the Vegas show, what can they expect? 

Well, they can expect to work hard in the most convivial atmosphere! They will find a compact format with a selection of the best brands with the power to attract the best stores, brick-and-mortar as well as online, from West Coast, the Mid-west, Canada and Hawaii.

Above: at Rhonda Shear’s booth at CurveNY. Photo by Bennett Raglin of BRPhotoCreations.com.

Is it the same team at CURVExpo that works on both shows? Or are there two teams? 

One team, two shows. We approach the market as one entity and our team members can pride themselves on knowing personally all our attendees.

On the buyers’ side, we have significantly strengthened the team, Laurie Delpino and Louise Scrivines are in charge of the Buyers & Marketing, assisted by Meghan Murray who is in daily contact with our VIPs. Marie Mangeot is in charge of the promotion of the Eurovet shows in the US.

Lindsay Owen is our sales manager assisted by Linsey Odre in charge of customer relations. Cassie Higgins just joined the sales team. Samantha Bosshard is operations manager.

It is a lean and very much hands-on team of energetic people.

For any brands reading this, who should they reach at Curve to get information on exhibiting? 

Their contact person is Lindsay Owen, Senior Account Manager: lindsay@curvexpo.com

For visiting buyers, where should we point them to register and get more info?

The contact person is Louise Scrivines, Buyers Manager: louise@curvexpo.com

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