RAGO Shapewear Marks 70th Anniversary

Rago Foundations

Above: RAGO Shapewear at the International Lingerie Show.

“Since 1945, RAGO has earned an unparalleled reputation for providing unique original designs that feature the best materials, excellent workmanship and traditionally fine fit.”

RAGO’s story began in 1945 when two Italian immigrants, Jack Rago and Matty Marchisella, started creating, testing and perfecting tailor made support garments. Trial and error, combined with years of industry experience and an eye for design, led to the creation of support garments that have truly stood the test of time.

Marchisella started the entire process by designing and hand crafting RAGO’s very first support garments. His close female companion, who just happened to be girdle buyer for department stores, would try on the prototypes and help him improve the design. Trial and error led to the first product and kicked off seven decades of support garment industry leadership.

Rago Foundations Rago Foundations

In 1997 a new and well experienced team, led by Justin Chernoff, purchased the company. The team, as headed by Justin (President and C.E.O.) has been supported by three generations of intimate apparel executive experience. The Chernoff team has continued the discipline of product perfection while adding major financing for development and upgrading all aspects of design, manufacturing and marketing. This has enabled RAGO to thrive in the market in spite of industry volatility.

HUG Awards - Steve and Justin Chernoff

Above: Steve and Justin Chernoff at the HUG Awards.

“While other manufacturers moved operations overseas, RAGO Shapewear has always kept their manufacturing in the USA.”

The design process has continued over the years by continuously chatting with the specialty retailers and converting their comments to improve the design and function of the garment. By using this method over time, RAGO continuously creates an exceptionally designed collection of shapewear, season after season. RAGO listens to those expert shopkeepers who go into the fitting rooms with the consumer and observe the shaping effects of the garments. The retailer then confirms the performance of the garment and advises the RAGO team of corrections. This constant dialogue over the years to improve design has created a superb collection of garments, attending to every shaping characteristic required by the consumer.

RAGO Shapewear Marks 70th Anniversary

While other manufacturers moved operations overseas, RAGO Shapewear has always kept their manufacturing in the USA. RAGO’s New York facility has been creating award winning support garments all of these years. Being a domestic manufacturer has allowed RAGO to keep quality levels high, while quickly adapting to changes in the market. RAGO creates Shapewear That Really Works! says the brand.

RAGO provides highly specialized quality body shaping apparel to more than 1,000 of the finest specialty shops, corsetieres, department stores, and catalog companies worldwide.

Rago Shapewear

“RAGO is truly a specialist and world leader in the shapewear business.” – Justin Chernoff.

Being at the top of such a competitive industry, especially during tough economic times, is not easy notes Chernoff and adds: Many companies have been unable to sustain themselves during times of volatility. RAGO Shapewear has been able to overcome this problem through streamlined manufacturing and design procedures along with modern cost reduction methods. This disciplined business model has allowed RAGO to stay competitive, grow, and still maintain world class quality.

Reaching a 70th anniversary year is a significant business hallmark. RAGO’s staff can be proud of all their accomplishments in these seven decades of diligent work and dedication to the shapewear garment industry.

Get in touch with Rago

You can contact RAGO by direct e-mail: info@ragoshapewear.com or directly to the President and C.E.O. Justin Chernoff: Justin@ragoshapewear.com

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