Rebecca Torres Q&A

Rebecca Torres SS16

Above: Rebecca Torres SS16.

“We Specialise in the use of luxurious sports led fabrics and are renowned for our ability to accentuate and empower the female form…” – Rebecca Torres.

We’re excited to share our intimate Q&A with designer Rebecca Torres. Last month, we showcased Rebecca’s debut swimwear collection that buyers and press had a chance to see in person at Mode City and the Lingerie Edit. This month, Rebecca heads to the London Swimwear Show (July 19 – 21, 2015), but before she sets up her booth, she sits down with the Lingerie Journal team to talk about her collection and what to expect from her brand:

Rebecca Torres Q&A

Rebecca Torres Rebecca Torres at Mode City Rebecca Torres SS16
For some of our readers who might be learning about you for the first time, can you tell them a little bit about your brand?

We started as a ready-to-wear brand in 2011. We sold our first collection on and grew a following ever since. We have collaborated and stocked with brands such as Georgia Wiseman, Saskia Pomeroy, Brand Ally and House Of Fraser. Over the past couple of years we have great press and support from the likes of, Grazia, Look, Vice as well as great trade press from Lingerie Journal, Underlines and WGSN.

We specialise in the use of luxurious sports led fabrics and are renowned for our ability to accentuate and empower the female form creating garments featuring enhanced fit, stretch and comfort. We continue to strive and push our brand forward with the love of our customers and client base.

Rebecca Torres Booth

What was the spark that led to the inspiration behind the swimwear collection? How does this collection differ from previous Rebecca Torres designs?

Coming from previous collections were we used lots of colour blocking, prints and sports-led fabrics. It was a natural progression for us to move into swimwear. As a designer, I feel for me I can have more fun and experiment more with colour and print. Taking our signature style and turing it into swimwear has been a great process — we can take more risks with it.

Rebecca Torres SS16

You’re fresh from two major trade events — Paris and the Lingerie Edit — how were those two shows for your brand?

Both shows were such a great experience for us. Everyone that we meet were so positive and supportive of our brand. We met some great people and stockists so we hope this is the start of things to come.

Rebecca Torres SS16 Rebecca Torres SS16

What kind of response did you get to the swimwear collection? Did buyers get a chance to feel the fabrics? What were there reactions like?

It was so important for our brand to get the product in front of the buyers. Being a new brand in this industry meant that the buyers we contacted got to really see the quality of what we had to offer. Everyone who we meet thought the collection was really tight, different and fresh, which is always good to hear, as when you spend so long on getting out a new product and as much as you know its good having the positive reaction from the buyers always gives you more confidence.

Rebecca Torres

Was there a particular piece buyers gravitated to at the shows? If so, why do you think that was?

For us, we noticed the Vertex X-Over Bikini was the one everyone seemed to love. I think the mix of the black&white print along with the shape of the neckline is what grabbed everyones attention. And it is one of my favourites too.

Rebecca Torres Booth

For those buyers who didn’t make it to Mode City or the Lingerie Edit, what do you want to get across about your brand and the swimwear collection that you feel buyers should know?

We are a brand that celebrates colour, print and great design with good quality. Our designs are sleek, contemporary with a nod to the futuristic times of the 60s. We want our customers to have fun with our products and express them to suit there own personalities and style.

Rebecca Torres SS16

What’s next for you and your brand for the rest of 2015? Are there any events we should let our readers know about?

We will be showing at the London Swim Show SS16 19th-21st July. After show season we will be getting our collection ready for our website and for our stockists. Stockists to be confirmed.

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