Recipe for a Couture Bra from Maison Lejaby

Lejaby Recipe

“Add a drop of rêverie and bake in France for 12 months until a bra is formed to enhance, shape, and sculpt the perfect silhouette.”

by Kathryn Kemp-Griffin, Associate Editor for France.


Take a desire for beauty, and add:
• 2 cups of fine fabric
• 1 cup of lace
• ½ cup of embroidery
• 3 tablespoons of spandex
• A drop of rêverie


Combine the lace, embroidery, fabric, and spandex and mix with Maison Lejaby’s 130 years of savoir-faire, advanced technology, and creative inspiration until the ingredients are seamlessly blended. Stir in quality fittings and saturate with rich, sophisticated color.

Lejaby Ankara Interspitzen Lejaby Delicieuse Noyon

Add a drop of rêverie and bake in France for 12 months until a bra is formed to enhance, shape, and sculpt the perfect silhouette. In equal parts, sprinkle elegance and finesse. Let stand until you can no longer resist. Sample and feel your body tingle. Serve immediately with a matching panty.

About the Ingredients


Above: Inter-Spitzen Embroidery, Saint Gallen, Switzerland. Guipure superimposed on tulle adds a handcrafted luxury and defining detail to Maison Lejaby’s Ankara bra and panty ensemble.


Inter-Spitzen: Established in 1985, Inter-Spitzen is located in Saint Gallen, a small city in northeastern Switzerland recognized for its embroidery legacy dating back to the 19th Century with the invention of the first embroidery machine. Inter-Spitzen creates more than 600 designs per year that combine artistic vision and technical precision to provide elaborate detail and sophisticated finishings to their embroideries.

Above: Liebaert, Belgium. A short history on this Belgian fabric manufacturer.


Liebaert: With more than a century of expertise, this Belgian fabric manufacturer has resisted two world wars and the shifting of textile production to Asia by investing in state-of-the-art knitting machines and developing a vertically-integrated dying and printing process. Rigorous sustainability tests ensure that Liebaert’s ultra-light fabrics retain their shape and hug and caress the body despite multiple washings and the passage of time.


Above: Noyon Dentelles, France. Lace production on Leavers loom. Almost 20 ft long and weighing more than 10 tonnes of cast iron, the Leavers machine dates from the early 19th century and reproduces the art of hand-made lace with a unique procedure of knotting warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads.


Noyon: Noyon Dentelles has been creating lace since 1919, and not just any lace; Dentelle de Calais®, the prestigious lace manufactured in the region of Calais – Caudry located in northern France. Woven on Leavers machines that are capable of reproducing the work of lace makers fingers through a complex system of carriages that move backwards and forwards linking warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads, the result is a delicate lace with a unique texture and transparency. No longer manufactured, Leavers machines are operated and repaired by skilled technicians whose craftsmanship have often been passed down through generations.


Above: Lycra: Invented in 1958 by Dupont, this miracle fibre revolutionized the textile market with its ability to stretch seven times its original length and still recover its shape.


Lycra®: Think Scotch Tape® or Kleenex®. Lycra® is the globally recognized brand name for the synthetic spandex fiber, a registered trademark of Invista. Synonymous with comfort and elasticity, Lycra strrrrrrretches — 7 ‘r’s to remind you that Lycra® is capable of stretching 7 times its length — and is the perfect addition to any garment dedicated to sculpting a woman’s natural curves.

Lejaby Attrape Coeur Interspitzen Lejaby Crystal Noyon

Nutritional Information (per serving)

Calories: 0
Seduction: 50%
Comfort: 50%

Level: Difficult to make, easy to wear
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Maison Lejaby:
Noyon Dentelles:

About the Author

Kathryn Kemp-Griffin, President of Pink Bra Bazaar, a lingerie charity dedicated to raising money and awareness for breast cancerKathryn Kemp-Griffin
TLJ’s Associate Editor for France

Kathryn is the co-founder of Pink Bra Bazaar, a charity dedicated to breast health education and supporting women with breast cancer. She is also founder of  Paris Lingerie Tours and offers exclusive lingerie tours as an unusual alternative to the regular tourist attractions.

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