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L’amant Fachada-5-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

Above: L’amant’s storefront.

Photos by Marcelo Donadussi. Story and quotes translated from the original Portuguese.

Paula Posser is known as the “Arquiteta do Amor” or the Architect of Love and she is the genius behind L’amant, a newly opened erotic boutique in Brazil. Planned and designed by Posser, L’amant is inspired by the arts, precious stones and by the sensual moments shared by lovers around the world.

The boutique was built near a turn-of-the-century residential area on Visconde do Rio Branco street and sits in the cool and cosmopolitan heart of Porto Alegre. That area of the city is filled with art galleries, patisseries and creative studios.

L’amant Interior-1-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

Above: interior of L’amant.

Before L’amant became a boutique, it was a quaint antique house. The boutique’s owner, Kátia Formagio invited the “Arquiteta do Amor” to develop the store’s concept from the ground up.

Posser, who is also an architect not just in name but in trade as well, was responsible for all the branding construction, including naming, visual identity, graphic design, creative direction, architecture and visual merchandising. She also had a hand in choosing the specific lingerie brands, sensual cosmetics and luxury pleasure products now on sale at L’amant. Paula’s firm, Paula Posser Love Communication, specializes in architectural design and branding for the lingerie industry.

L’amant provador-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign L’amant Moulage--ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

Above: L’amant fitting room.

On account of Porto Alegre having a different type of consumer compared to the rest of the country, Paula first interviewed men and women on the related sensual themes of gastronomy, film, magazines, books, places, travel, museums, art, names and colors all to find out what reminded them of the world of eroticism.

They pointed positive and negative experiences in Sex Shops and in what sort of store they like to buy lingerie and erotic products. At same time, Paula researched and expanded her knowledge through her connections in the Erotic Market.

L’amant Hall-2-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

Dance. Embrace. Love. Seduce! Not just pretty text, but words to live by at L’amant.

The result? A sex-positive boutique that awakens the sensuality of its patrons through it’s architecture, products and aesthetics.

The boutique’s black façade invites guests to enter in a mysterious and intimate world through its english inspired lighted stairway.

L’amant eroticluxury-3-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

L’amant Cage-Display-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign L’amant cabides-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

L’Amant’s internal space is decorate in Emerald Green, black and golden color palette with a poetic stairway, erotic paintings and intimate lightening drawing the customer’s attention through the tempting architecture.

Visual comfort (and sustainability) have been achieved at the store with a great lighting design using both LED and regular lamps, emphasizing sensitive products on display such as lingerie.

Walls with faux bricks, printed pattern fabric and a great deep-buttoned Black velvet pouf with a pole for dancing are sprinkled in the boutique.

L’amant burlesque-toilet-1-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

Above: L’amant also sports a Burlesque themed washroom.

All of these elements are meant to play with the fantasy that surrounds the store says Paula. A huge black velvet and veil curtain with crystal tassel tiebacks separates the boutique interior from its dressing room´s lounge.

Vintage pink, emerald green and black are lighted by a delicate ‘off-white and black corset’ pendent. The space is equipped with a deep-buttoned pouf, wooden vinyl floor and iron cages.

Concern with every detail is apparent everywhere in the boutique including another intimate area often ignored by retailers – the bathroom. Paula designed a charming, theatrical and burlesque washroom decorated with big purple, rose and golden flowers that contrast a golden sink and vinyl wooden floor.

L’amant gallerieErotic-1-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

Above: the store’s interior includes original artwork from Brazilian artists.

To display the most intimates products, the Paula chose a vintage color palette, using black and rose to achieve her desired sensual effect. Iron cages, a velvet armchair and special furniture showcase, highlight and house the boutique’s delicate collection of lingerie, whips, luxury massagers, candles, oils and boudoir accessories.

Some of the brands and designers found at L’Amant include Karol Martins, specialized in handmade Bridal intimates; Luana Ioppi by Lacelab Intimates; Thaise Medaglia by Janiero body of colours; Priscila Gomide by; Simone and Mônica by luxe Za.Za; Maria Sanz Kimonos; Ana Martinez by Justine and others brands such as Fruit de la Passion, Lelo and Intt.

Having worked at retail stores when she was a teenager, Paula thought how would be the best displays for sales and also the best layout to L´Amant. All of this to facilitate the interaction with the customer. A versatile exhibition of outfits, where lingerie, accessories and cosmetology are displayed together in an intimate way. The composition of adjustable shelves gives full mobility to the store. “If exposed with flexibilty, lingeries are newness everyday. You just have to always change the compositions” said Paula.

Learn More about L’Amant

L’amant boutique erotic luxury
Visconde do Rio Branco street, 721 Floresta
City Porto Alegre RS Country Brazil
phone: 55 51 33915109 / cel 97749720

Learn More about Paula Posser

Paula Posser
Arquiteta | Diretora de Projetos

Paula Posser love communication
Arquitetura Design Marketing Comunicação
Home Office | Rua Chico Pedro nº 174 Camaquã 91.910-650
Porto Alegre-RS Brasil 55 +51 | 8116.0188 / 3207 4451

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