Retailer Spotlight: Sweet Pins

Sweet Pins founder and owner Lidia Scotto di Vetta with models at a recent event

Above: Sweet Pins founder and owner Lidia Scotto di Vetta with models at a recent event. Models wearing Kiss Me Deadly lingerie, What Katie Did and Trasparenze stockings.

We’re excited to bring back one of our favorite features from 2011 — Retailer Spotlight. It’s our chance to showcase and celebrate retailers from around the world to all our readers.

In this edition, we put the spotlight on Sweet Pins, an online lingerie boutique based in Australia catering to “discerning Ladies & Gentlemen, Glamorous Brides, Pin ups and Burlesque Queens looking for luxurious stockings, fashionable hosiery and vintage inspired lingerie.” We love the Lidia’s focus on creating an experience for her customers and her involvement in events and festivals in her area to spread the love of lingerie and hosiery.

Sweet Pins' booth at the Australian Burlesque Festival

Above: Sweet Pins’ booth at the Australian Burlesque Festival.

The inspiration to start Sweet Pins? Like the best ideas, the Sweet Pins concept started with a cocktail – a few cocktails, to be precise, in a bar overlooking Sydney Opera House noted Lidia.

“The sun was setting, painting the sky with beautiful splashes of colour. I had just moved to Sydney but that breath-taking view made me realize I was already in love with this city. Inspired by that surreal moment, I finally decided that I was going to take this idea – that I’d had in the back of my mind for years – a little more seriously.

I have always been fascinated by stockings. When I was little, I used to spend hours looking into my mother’s drawers, hoping that I would grow up quickly so that I could wear her sheer black lace stockings instead of my polka dots socks.

Few years later, while studying Fashion in London, I discovered the impact that lingerie and hosiery has had on women throughout history. While researching on the web, I bumped into a website selling vintage nylons. It was a whole new world for me. The first time I slipped into those nylon stockings, I felt incredibly womanly and sexy.

Over the years I have bought an incredible amount of hosiery. And every time I open a new pair of exquisite lace stay ups, silky stockings or colorful, stylish tights, I still feel that thrill. It’s a small treat that gives me incredible pleasure and makes me feel good about myself.

My mission is to share this feeling with as many women as possible. I hope you enjoy shopping on our website and if you have any feedback, please don’t be shy – I’d love to hear from you!”

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A look at Sweet Pins

Sweet Pins LogoOwner: Lidia Scotto di Vetta

Philosophy / Mission

Sweet Pins is a specialized online boutique dedicated to providing fine stockings and retro inspired lingerie. Our four pillars are Sensuality, Elegance, Luxury andFun, which we celebrate in everything we do. Sweet Pins’ philosophy has inspired discerning women, adventurous lovers, aspiring pin ups and burlesque queens all around Australia since 2009.

Customer Service Philosophy

When you buy from Sweet Pins, your purchase is gift wrapped with love and care as we like to think it will give you enormous pleasure to find that cute little parcel waiting in your mail box.

As a small boutique we can afford the luxury to source hosiery from all around the world but we like to keep things exclusive and we only purchase small quantities in each style. So if you fall in love with anything on this website we suggest to snap it quickly as it will sell out soon!

Social Media Approach

We love to inspire women! Sweet Pins makes an effective use of social media to provide hosiery advice, styling tips, request feedback and engage customers in everything we do. Examples of some of our latest campaigns are #projectself and #365daysinstockings

Sweet Pins' Home Page

List of Brands at Sweet Pins

Kiss me Deadly
What Katie Did
Dottie’s Delights
Betty Blue’s Loungerie
Angela Friedman
Pretty Polly
Playful Promises
Jacques Levine

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    Thank you, we are honoured to be featured on The Lingerie Journal!


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