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Aristelle was founded in 2012 by Andrea King. Since then, Aristelle has helped over 8,000 women find bras and lingerie to perfectly suit their shape, size and age.

Aristelle’s goal is to inspire and empower women to embrace their shapes and feel great about themselves. We believe that boosting self-confidence and self-image helps our customers become more happy and successful in everything they do. As Simone de Beauvoir wrote, “To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.”

Aristelle won the lingerie industry’s Best of Intima Marketing Award (2014) for its innovative ad campaign using women of different ages, shapes and sizes, as well as Best Concept Store in North America (2015).

Aristelle is committed to helping women feel comfortable and confident with the bodies they have. We embrace the beauty and variety of all shapes, sizes, ages and preferences and offer something for ‘Every Shape, Every Age, Every Budget’.

About the Owner

Aristelle founder Andrea King at her boutique's ribbon cutting

After a global business career working at the World Bank, foreign embassies and other institutions, Andrea King – a Canadian from St. John’s, Newfoundland – started Aristelle, a bra fitting and fine lingerie boutique offering quality brands with superior design, support and comfort.

She holds an Executive MBA from London Business School and studied at Science-Po in Paris. Trained in bra-fitting techniques in Canada, New York and London, Andrea is a frequent speaker on body, self-image and female empowerment issues, and believes that expressing one’s femininity through fashion and comfort is not at odds with feminist ideals.

She has been involved with women’s rights programs and causes, both professionally and personally. At the World Bank she focused on improving access to finance by women entrepreneurs in Asia and Africa and did volunteer work in London with a group helping formerly trafficked women start businesses.


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