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Why blossoms & beehives? Lingerie is essential, fun, and beautiful, and a way to empower women to be confident from the inside out, to honor their bodies, to feel comfortable in their own skin, to celebrate their personalities and changing moods—and their special occasions and stages of life.

blossoms & beehives carries exquisite brands from around the world, including sweet and soft organic cotton collections, as well as provocatively sexy and lacy ones. Lingerie is next to our skin, our base layer, and each time we put it on we should feel empowered, liberated, comfortable, and beautiful. I hope blossoms & beehives will become a resource to women of all ages looking for just the right item to wear under a formal gown, under a t-shirt, or under the covers. What you have on underneath is blossoms and beehives’ business.


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