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Femininity is raw, it’s bold, it’s beautiful. It’s a rite as a woman, and it’s meant to be owned every day, not just saved for a special occasion. Brooklyn Fox, a Brooklyn lingerie shop, is a celebration of the female body. Delicate underpinnings, intricate details, complex constructions—our Brooklyn-based lingerie shop is filled with pretty little things that adorn, support, and flaunt from AA to H. Lover’s lace in an everyday bra, seamed stockings worn to work—functional items don’t need to look functional.

That moment when you catch the subtle swoop of your lower back, the outline of your shape in its sinuous glory, the look of your cleavage outfitted in lace—and realize, damn, you’re sexy as hell, shouldn’t be a rare, sometimes, once-in-a-while moment. Rocking your body doesn’t require an excuse.


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