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Gaya Boutique Description

“Passion, spirit of sacrifice, precision, correctness , foresight and a pinch of unconsciousness are the essential ingredients for a successful business.”

Gaya Boutique founder Carla Ponti was born in Milan in 1958, the daughter of pastry chefs who started their own business after the Second World War and taught her the foundations of entrepreneurship.

Carla grows up in the confectionery world and immediately realizes what it means to be passionate about ones work.

“Once you have learned this, you can treasure it to make your dreams come true,” she says.

Gaya Boutique at Anita's booth

She took these lessons and opened her first store on Via Procaccini in 1984 and selling socks and underwear. That summer, Carla introduced swimwear and immediately became a success, so much so that in 1985 her second store was born in Via Piero della Francesca 8.

Her boutique, Gaya, is named after her second daughter. As the store grew, so did her daughters and one of them, Alice, joined the team in 2013.

Gaya Boutique Team

“Grown up in the store, she soon became passionate about this [business],” said Carla. “Her entry into boutiques is a mix of innovation and modernity, which manages to coexist alongside the tradition and the historicity of the boutique.”

“My mom and I are a good team: she puts experience, I have the technology” adds Alice.

So in 2014 they revolutionize the store again and give way to the use of new technologies: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, events and many initiatives allow the boutique to overcome the crisis in the sector and win in 2016 the prize as the best lingerie store and costumes in Italy.

Negozio di intimo da donna, costumi da bagno, pigiama, baby doll donna a Milano


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