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Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

Thongs at the gym-this is maybe one of the most polarizing topics of conversation in the locker room. You either love them or you don’t. I would consider myself the varsity captain of Team Thong, but I have never been a fan of them for a workout. In fact, the one time I selected a small, seamless mesh thong for a HIIT class I ducked into the bathroom between a set of squats and threw it right in the trash.

A seamless thong is an ideal solution for any pair of tight pants, but unfortunately, most are not designed for moving and shaking. While most fabrics can successfully erase unsightly panty lines, they often don’t stay in place that well and quickly becomes a soggy mess. That’s not only uncomfortable but also unhygienic.

In my search for a solution, I came across Just FIT, a line of activewear designed specifically for female athletes. Its Skylab Thong is made from certified space technology fabric that keeps your sweat in check so you feel more comfortable during your work out.

“Originally developed for NASA, it utilizes phase change material (PCM) that absorbs, stores and releases heat for optimal thermal comfort,” says founder Celestine Cheong.

Unlike moisture-wicking fabrics, PCM helps to regulate your body temperature and pull heat away from your skin before it turns into sweat.

Cool, Dry Tech

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

I wore the The Skylab Thong and found that PCM actually did keep me drier than the standard cotton thong I had been relying on. What I liked best about it was that it got me through that stretch of my work out when I usually feel the most uncomfortable-the cool down. As my body temperature returns to normal my sweat soaked clothes start to feel cold and clingy. The Skylab Thong felt barely there, allowing me take my time stretching and lingering over my morning coffee before heading to the shower.

Just Fit Review

“This underwear was a game changer for me.” -Jade Quaterman, Personal Trainer

Jade Quarterman is a qualified Personal Trainer and spends a lot of time at the gym. Her fitness habits range from yoga to barre to Barry’s Bootcamp. I turned to her for a professional’s take on the thong’s abilities. “This underwear was a game changer for me,” she says. “I am a real gym bunny so I always wear them for any workout I am doing, but in all honesty I have started wearing them every day as they are so comfortable!”

Jade also remarked on how well the thong tackled moisture during a sweat sesh, saying that she never experiences embarrassing sweat patches when she has it on. Thanks to PCM you can confidently wear all of those gray and light-colored leggings that usually reveal even the smallest drop of sweat!

Another customer, Stephanie Dube would consider herself obsessed with working out. She agreed that the thong solved her sweat problems. “I don’t like underwear that gets sweaty and creates a wet line on my leggings,” she says. “I mean the point of wearing something no one can see is that no one can see it! I love how [the Skylab Thong] just follows your movement and you can easily go from your everyday life to the gym without feeling like you can’t wait to change underwear.”

Stylish and Streamlined Fit

Just FIT review

The Skylab Thong feels good on long before the start of a workout, making them ideal for everyday wear. “While they are invisible under my leggings they are super sexy so every aspect of your lifestyle is covered from morning to evening,” says Stephanie.

For bottoms, I’m between a small and medium and I found the UK-size 10 fit me the best. It was snug around my hips but didn’t cut into my skin. It also features a bonded and seamless design that eliminates panty lines.

The fit was tight enough to stay in place-something I really put to the test during weekly HIIT classes. Running requires a limited range of motion, but much of the strength training I do calls for more movement from my lower half. Deep sumo squats and side steps usually shift my thong into an uncomfortable position, but the Skylab stayed in place without pinching or squishing.

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

Allison L. is a certified yoga instructor who also runs every morning. She says she loves how the Skylab thong stays put when she’s on the move. Yoga positions require an even greater range of motion making a stable thong even more important.

The Skylab’s functionality is proven, plus its styling meets the high standards of on-trend women. It comes in a classic black, Caramelo and Tiffany Blue. “Black is my favorite color, and I like Caramelo when I’m wearing white leggings to work out,” says Jade.

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

I personally loved the Tiffany Blue best for the bright and cheerful vibes it added to my workout. In fact, it was the thong I reached for last weekend when I ran a half marathon. I knew I needed underwear that would be comfortable for the long haul, and would make me feel confident, strong and, yes, feminine for thirteen miles. Selecting the Skylab thong was a no-brainer for me.

If you have never worn a thong to the gym I urge you to try out the Skylab from JustFIT. And if you’re not a thong fan at all, still give it a try. I’m positive this seamless style will win you over.

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