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Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Chloe Bodysuit

“Lingerie is always a good idea. Especially when it’s handmade with love.”

Sacha Kimmes is one of the most well known names in the handmade to order lingerie indie market. Sacha has been making lingerie in her little studio in Brussels, offering sizes XXS-XXL as well as custom sizing for many years now. While her size range is pretty extensive, she offers a free made to measurement option so that any woman, no matter her size or shape can enjoy and wear Sacha’s designs.

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Arcana Open Back Brief

Above: Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Arcana Open Back Brief.

Don’t see your size available? Simply include your measurements along with your order and Sacha will take care of it. Sacha has created a brand that is really aesthetically cohesive, that even her brand’s logo is nicely designed. A heart shape that has tiny cat ears and a cat tail in the shape of an S, for Sacha and also for the French word (French is Sacha’s native tongue) ‘Sha’ which means cat. Cute and cheeky!

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie logo

Sacha has a classic range, and releases a few different limited edition collections each year. She creates fun and playful lingerie such as bralettes, harnesses, ouvert knickers, skirted panties, choker necklaces, and bodysuits.

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Joan Open Back Brief

Above: Joan Open Back Brief.

Her aesthetic is someway minimalist and trendy, often using singular colors and soft fabrics like sheer mesh, but her designs are also really unique and playful, and anything but boring. You’ll find lovely soft unique laces, semi-sheer mesh and even ruffles. Her work is indeed feminine, but without the onslaught of bows that most brands use. Many pieces are made to be mixed and matched within the range, or even worn with your favorite lingerie pieces from other brands.

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie

Sacha creates each piece by hand and with her trusty sewing machine, and is indeed a one-woman show, so you know exactly who made your underwear. She is a lingerie designer who puts a lot of love and care into her designs, and she hand cuts each pattern, cuts and sews from beginning to end. No extra helpers behind the brand, Sacha is her brand. She built the brand from scratch and has turned it into what it is today – one of the nicest independent lingerie brands on the handmade market. Many of her pieces are cut and sewn when you order, which also means as a one woman show, your piece can take 2-3 weeks or so until your order is made and ships.

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Sabrina Skirt

Above: Sabrina Skirt.

Sacha’s designs are impeccable, with such wonderfully perfect stitching, she lingerie is worth the wait! No ready to wear designs here, unless she has a sale! No in-betweens, just direct communication between customer and seamstress. She cuts each pattern, creating patterns for her made to measurement customers as well, and hand picks the most lovely lace and other fabrics that she infuses into her brands’ aesthetic voice. From scrappy harnesses, to chokers made of adjustable elastic, to open cup bra harnesses and open back briefs. Her classic range is a collection of all black lingerie, including her best selling open back Joan High Waist Brief, which is made of semi-sheer black mesh with a large keyhole opening in the back paired with an oversized black bow. So fun!

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Pandora Harness

Above: Pandora Harness.

Sacha is best known for her beautiful harnesses and panties, and is also known for being size-inclusive and inclusive with her lookbooks, often featuring models of various body sizes and skin tones. She even models some of the pieces herself! Sacha always has a smile on her face, and it’s joyful being able to see her wearing her own creations, and it’s fun to see the person behind the brand being in-front of the camera as well!

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Eden Skirty Brief

Above: Eden Skirty Brief.

Past collections from the brand include Ace of Wands, a dark and magical collection including bodysuits and open back panties in the most lovely black velvet. The Eden collection features a soft stretch white lace featuring a large floral design, trimmed with black. Pieced include a skirted panty, and ruffle bra harness. Valentina is made of sexy red semi-sheer mesh, and offers a overt bodysuit, open back briefs, and a long twirly skirt to be paired over any of the panties in the collection. Her most recent collection entitled Chloé, fuses soft sheer white mesh with a soft orange embroidered lace.

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Valentina Ouvert Knickers

Above: Valentina Ouvert Knickers.

I always look forward to Sacha’s new collections, because it’s always exciting to see what ideas she will come up with next. I have built up a very large collection of Sacha Kimmes lingerie in my own personal collection, and I’ve often said many of her pieces are favorites. I’ve joked in the past that Sacha’s panties can make anyone’s bottom look magical, as the cut and fit and even the overt styles, frame the butt in such a way that only Sacha’s work can. It’s no wonder why Sacha Kimmes is one of my favorite lingerie designers.

Sacha Kimmes Lingerie Valentina Choker Harness

Above: Valentina Choker Harness.

Her beautiful designs, paired with her delicate hand and wonderful stitching, and durable pieces make this brand on to cherish. If you haven’t tried the brand yet, I would absolutely recommend checking out Sacha’s online shop and grabbing up a piece for yourself, as her designs and collections are usually limited and sell-out quite fast. Be sure to browse her Classics range to get an idea of the heart and soul of the brand as well. I’m a big fan of Sacha, and I think you will be too!

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