Saving the Tatas, One Step at a Time

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

With National Breast Cancer month around the corner, we’ve got walks, donations, and benefits on the brain. Our dedicated friends over at Journelle were already one step ahead of us, or should we say one month. Sunday, September 9th the girls (plus Allen Murabayashi) met at Central Park at 9:00am for the Susan G. Komen Greater Race for the Cure walk.

Team Journelle Photographed by Allen Murabayashi

Sporting the most adorable Journelle purple bra t-shirts, the team spouted the motto “Saving the Tatas, One Step at a Time.”

Saving the Tatas, One Step at a Time (Photography by Allen Murabayashi)

It is clear from the pictures that the team had a blast. Next time maybe The Lingerie Journal will create a team or consider joining forces with Journelle.

To check out all of the pictures from Journelle’s walk go to

Even though race day is over, fundraising for the Susan G. Komen foundation continues through October 31st.

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