Saxy’s Nightwear – Redefining Sexy

Saxy's Nightwear - Redefining Sexy

When shopping for sleepwear, some women are torn between sexy and comfortable pieces. A hard choice, since feeling sensual sometimes means leaving comfort behind – and not everyone is able or willing to do so. That's where Saxy's comes, bringing lounge and sleepwear that are guaranteed to be the star of those times when one wants to be relaxed but still letting their beauty shine, either for themselves or to impress a partner. The founder, Saxony Kearney, built the brand for these times, proving that pretty does not have to hurt.

The nightwear sold by Saxy's, besides being "equal parts comfy and sexy" according to the brand, can be transitioned from night to day, transforming the night clothes into a relaxed outfit. The brand tries to reach for women of every age, size, ethnicity and location – since every woman should have the right to keep feeling good while wearing cozy lounging clothes.

Saxy's Nightwear - Redefining Sexy

Pieces offered vary from PJ short or pants sets to chemises, with fabrics made of cotton and spandex and lace details, in colors such as pink, blue or even a classic cheetah print. Sizes go from S (4-6) to XL (14-16) and prices go from $32 to $65 – making the pieces not only light on the body but on one’s budget as well. It’s clear that an affordable price point is one of Saxy’s goals, making possible for every woman to feel good and redefine their sexiness.

Saxy’s offer, for Black Friday, 40% off and free shipping on all orders over $50. The brand is also sold at Zulily.

Saxy's Nightwear - Redefining Sexy

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