Sensory Branding Power

Les Boudoirs Boutique

Above: Les Boudoirs Boutique.

“Sensory branding involves stimulating the senses to create an emotional connection between customer and brand…”

by Joy Menon, founder of

Increasing competition and need to distinguish themselves from the masses have pushed many luxury brands towards Sensory Branding.

Sensory branding involves stimulating the senses to create an emotional connection between customer and brand: A brand lifestyle.

For example, many stores in your local mall are easily identified just by the powerful rush of fragrance reaching your nose while walking by. Others have created an entire lifestyle experience within the store, letting customers touch, listen and experiment with their product. These tactics influence customer behavior and psychologically trigger brand preferences, proving that non-verbal communication is both powerful and persuasive.

How can your brand maximize the Sensory Branding opportunity?

Les Boudoirs Boutique


Map out your plan and budget. Check if your existing layout and brand experience is working for you. If not, then create your desired experience from the moment a potential customer passes by your store, tradeshow booth or even visits your website. What would you like them to experience first, so that psychological connection with your brand has its first encounter, effectively?


What lifestyle does your customer have and how does that tie in with your brand? What kind of music do they listen to? Music can psychologically influence sales, so make sure your music is working with you and not against you. Keeping this in mind will help you create a powerful environment that harmonizes with your customers and your team.


Extend the shopping experience by providing a comfortable setting where they can relax and unwind. Think outside the box and get creative with options that will work well with your brand.


Scent plays a big part in sales. If you have a signature scent, use to your advantage. A familiar scent will trigger the memory that customer had in your store. Consider the potency and assure that it’s not too overpowering, because a headache is not the desired effect you want your store to have on someone.


Consider your merchandising and packaging, assuring your product is available for customers to touch and feel. Make sure your customers can experience your product by feeling the textures and details of your pieces.

Remember to take note of your strengths and weaknesses: Focus on your strengths as you create the experience.

I hope this advice helps you incorporate Sensory Branding in your business and encourages you to create a lifestyle environment for your customers.

What effective Sensory Branding techniques have you experienced that converted you into a regular customer?

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    As a small business owner and having a general interest in understanding people, I found this article very interesting. I appreciate that the article is concise and easy to understand. Thank you!

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