SEO Your YouTube Videos

Gozooko Guys show you how to SEO your YouTube videos

by the Gozooko Guys (Bryan and Karl)

Posting your product videos on YouTube is a great way to show the world the value of your products and drive traffic to your site. Let’s make sure people find them and you by adding SEO.

A few quick steps to SEO your videos in YouTube

  1. Title: Create a title that is descriptive of your product and uses keywords. YouTube gives you 99 characters to use in the title, so there is plenty of room to create a descriptive title.
  2. Description: Create a description that includes all the key features of your product and uses keywords and phrases appropriately.
  3. Tags: Use your keywords and key phrase that you also used in your title and description.

Some of the inputs for the ranking of videos are:

– Channel views
– Subscribers
– Shares
– Comments
– Ratings
– Links from external domains
– Age of video
– Embeds

A little marketing can kick start those ranking inputs

If you are a wholesaler, let your retailers know about the videos. Encourage them to embed them into their site, or link directly to them.

If you are a retailer, send your customer the links to your embedded videos or direct links to the videos and ask them to comment, or maybe offer them a discount for commenting or sharing your videos.

At Gozooko, the customer always comes first. Our lines of products are customer driven, and our goal is to meet your needs and to help your business grow. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.

One Comment on “SEO Your YouTube Videos

  1. Awesome… thank you so much for the great info on how to get more traffic to our YouTube site… We have been planning on making our own video for some time and your advice is very timely..
    Thanks again.

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