Seven Bra Fitting Secrets

Finding the best bra fitting advice is sometimes a daunting challenge, especially for those who don’t live near a boutique or have access to a fitter.

Luckily, Tomima Edmark, founder of, and her team put together an interactive infographic showcasing seven bra fitting secrets illustrated with helpful hints and videos.

Tomima serves as the viewers guide in each video, addressing fit issues, exploring sizing and sharing advice such as how to properly put on a bra.

The inspiration to create the infographic stemmed from Tomima’s desire to educate her customers on what she describes as a woman’s move important garments. “A great fitting bra can make you look fantastic. I want all women to experience this,” she said.

The seven tips and accompanying videos do just that and serve as a library of advice viewers can refer to in any order at any time. Tomima noted that response to the infographics and videos have been overwhelmingly positive and that she’s already working on the next batch of videos and tips.

Scroll down to view the entire infographic:

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