Seven ‘til Midnight Baby Got Curves 2016

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10670X_BLACK_F

Above: Satin & Lace Bustier & Thong Set, style #10670X. See the brand at the ILS Show in Las Vegas this April.

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor.

Seven ‘til Midnight is a connoisseur brand when it comes to sexy and seductive plus size lingerie. The brand effortlessly presents a seamless transition between standard and curvy girl intimate couture, maintaining high standards of quality and appeal with its outstanding boudoir fashion lines.

This January at the Paris lingerie shows, Seven ‘til Midnight flaunted its latest collection, Bohemian Rhapsody – a boho-chic melange with nostalgic notes but on trend shapes, colours and fabrics – and received favourable reviews to this spirited collection.

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10573X

Lace Bustier with Garter & Thong, style #10573X.

The essence of Bohemian Rhapsody flavours the brand’s dedicated plus size range, Baby Got Curves, which will now be treated as a separate fashion unit to strengthen its market influence and visibility, a move that is sure to please plus size influencers and brand fans. Lingerie bloggers got a close-up of the Baby Got Curves collection during a brunch at the end of last year as the Seven ‘til Midnight brand reinforces its relationship with social media strategists.

The Seven ‘til Midnight team spoke with us here at the TLJ and gave greater insight into the new developments with Baby Got Curves and fortifying its crucial relations with the intimate apparel blogosphere as the brand cements its position as a trendsetter in plus size lingerie fashion.

Q&A with Seven ‘til Midnight Team on the new Baby Got Curves collection

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10674XP_ORCHID_F

Above: Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves Dreamer.

“The gorgeous colouring of the Dreamer has been a favourite when it comes to a deep, rich colour that certainly will suit anyone.”

Your new 2016 collection, Bohemian Rhapsody, was exhibited this January at the Paris shows, how was this collection received by those who attended?

Across the board, from retailers to our customers, we had a very positive response to our 2016 Collection at the Paris Show. Folks were quite impressed by the variety of styles in our collection, from: hanging lingerie, packaged lingerie, cozy sleepwear, athletic wear, bedroom costumes, hosiery, accessories, and of course our Baby Got Curves collection. Everyone was buzzing with excitement about the news that we had launched our Baby Got Curves collection, with its very own catalogue this year.

Bohemian Rhapsody will see some styles repeated in your plus size range, Baby Got Curves™. What are some of the key pieces and shapes that have been transferred to Baby Got Curves 2016 collection?

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10617X_BLACK_F

Above: Lace & Mesh Bustier & Thong, style #10617X.

STM-10617X, STM-10608X, and STM-10597XP are a few styles that are available in both our Baby Got Curves collection and 2016 Collection. We are very focused on providing as much variety as we can for both collections. You can never have too many choices!

Seven ‘til Midnight is launching the latest Baby Got Curves collection as a separate catalogue, what inspired this marketing move? How do you hope to affect the plus size market with this new catalogue?

The Baby Got Curves collection was launched as a separate catalogue after much demand from both retailers and customers for the last couple of years. With the extension of styles, we felt that the Baby Got Curves collection needed a dedicated catalogue. Providing this additional catalogue allows our plus size retailers to focus on the styles they really want to carry. It also allows us to start branding Baby Got Curves separately from Seven ‘til Midnight, giving its own brand identity.

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10626X

Above: Lace & Mesh Merrywidow & Thong, style #10626X; Below: Geo Galloon Lace Panty, style #10549X.

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10549X

Apart from being presented as its own fashion entity in the new catalogue, what makes the latest Baby Got Curves collection a standout range?

We believe that our Baby Got Curves collection offers more variety and selections than what you normally would find. Our colour range alone has been applauded by plus size influencers who love that we have more than just black lingerie to offer them. We have luxurious fabrications and trims, and we pay attention to the fit of all our garments.

When it comes to merchandizing and marketing the new Baby Got Curves collection, what tips can you offer to retailers for reaching out to plus size women and influencing them with the essence of the collection?

We always encourage our styles to be merchandized visually on either mannequins or hangers. It allows customers to feel and touch the fabrication and see the details of each piece. With social media marketing, it is also a lot easier and encouraged to invite influencers in to view the collection with a private viewing.

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10672X_NAVY_F

Above: Lace & Mesh Babydoll & Thong, style #10672X.

Do you think you can predict any bestsellers or hero pieces in the new Baby Got Curves collection?

The gorgeous colouring of the Dreamer (STM-10674XP) has been a favourite when it comes to a deep, rich colour that certainly will suit anyone. The Secret Crush (STM-10670X) is the perfect little black chemise with geo floral galloon lace and textured mesh. The Wondrous (STM-10672X) is a dark navy lace babydoll with a plunging neckline and has strappy detailing on the back with a peekaboo cut. And our Out of Sight (10663XP) teddy is beyond sexy, with a plunging neckline, it is the perfect piece for layering or wearing as is!

Seven ‘til Midnight launched the 2016 collection with an inaugural blogger’s brunch back in December, how is the timing of this event significant for the brand and how would you rate its success?

The brunch was done the day we released our 2016 Collection and was a success! Our attending influencers loved what they saw and enjoyed the presentation given, which included a background history of Seven ‘til Midnight. We’re still seeing editorial imagery created by our bloggers and loving the creativity seen so far.

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10603XP

Above: Lace & Mesh Babydoll & Thong Set, style #10603XP.

How did you go about choosing the bloggers for the event? What criteria were most important for you as a brand?

We went between a list of bloggers who’ve we created great relations with and already were familiar with the brand [and] newer influencers who were eager to work with us. We weren’t looking at numbers but the quality of content these influencers post. We also wanted the influencer to be passionate and share the same message we have when it comes to our lingerie.

Seven til Midnight Baby Got Curves 10608X_GREY_F

Above: Knit Cami And Short Set, style #10608X.

Specifically, what has the blogger feedback been like to the new Baby Got Curves collection?

We had positive feedback regarding the variety we had to offer in designs, size, and colors. The influencers certainly raved about the trendy, fashion forward styles we have and cannot wait to see more!

Going forward, will we see increasing liaisons between Seven ‘til Midnight and the blogosphere as part of marketing strategy? Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming blogger events?

We’ve worked with bloggers for the last two years and will continue to do so with our upcoming collections. We don’t have any upcoming blogger events yet but plan on having one for our next launch!

Seven til Midnight Questions?

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