Seven til Midnight Strike

Seven til Midnight Strike style 30122 in grey

Strike is intended to inspire women to work out and get fit but to do it in a way that induces self–confidence.”

by Michelle Broomes

We are seeing a significant movement towards a lifestyle fashion trend known as athleisure where brands are generating active, lounge and even under wear with street appeal so that a consistent and unified level of styling is achieved across our daily casual wear needs (think Beyonce’s Ivy Park range). And it probably won’t be long until we see even more brands in the market catch on to the trend, particularly as it is estimated that this sector will be worth billions of dollars by the end of this decade.

Already making headway with the athleisure movement is the brand known for trendsetting when it comes to boudoir styling, Seven ‘til Midnight, with a striking capsule collection of sexy athleisure apparel aptly known as Strike.

Seven til Midnight Strike style 30125

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“We noticed a demand and trend in athleisure wear so we answered,” says Seven ’til Midnight’s Lisa Linh. “Across the board, women’s fitness has been in growing demand especially this year — on the runway and in main stream media. We wanted to give a well-rounded perspective on our 2016 collection from fitness to lingerie to accessories.”

Although Strike visually glorifies women as serious and strong athletes, the collection is in keeping with the Seven ‘til Midnight core value of making its pieces fun, flirty and appealing. This is spelled out in choice of fabrics and come-hither design aspects both on the front and back of the brand’s activewear tops.

Seven til Midnight Strike style 30128 in black

“With our lingerie, we decided to incorporate a mix of fabrications such as fishnet and microfiber for our athletic wear,” Lisa Linh informs. “Bringing over what we are known for, fun strappy features, we also have fun back details on our sports bras as well as colorways that have been receiving great feedback.”

Strike is intended to inspire women to work out and get fit but to do it in a way that induces self–confidence, something that’s often not achieved whilst hiding behind the baggy sweatshirt and oversized jogging bottoms. But Seven ‘til Midnight are experts in making women look confidently sexy.

Seven til Midnight Strike style 30124 in black Seven til Midnight Strike style 30124 in black, back view

“Drawing from our trend sheets, we brought over the same ideas from our lingerie collection into our Strike capsule,” brand rep Lisa Linh explains. “We want women to feel just as sexy outside the bedroom and when it comes to fitness, why shouldn’t you feel and look good when working out?”

Even if a woman is a little shy to wear Strike bras fully as outerwear, pairing these pieces with mesh tops, split back tees and tanks can still show off many of the design elements of the collection and allow her to be subtly alluring as she works out or goes about her daily activities.

Seven til Midnight Strike style 30123 in lime

Merchandizing the collection efficiently, however, will be the key to encouraging customers to get their hands on Strike and Lisa suggests that retailers should introduce the collection as a multi-sensory event.

“We highly suggest displaying our line on mannequins or hangers to properly show the shape of our designs and styles,” she advises. “Plus, customers love to touch so we advise on allowing them to feel our fabrication as well.”

Seven til Midnight Strike style 30120 in grey

Lisa suggests that retailers should introduce the collection as a multi-sensory event.

One bra style in particular, STM-30120 (pictured above) does have a differing feel and look to the fabrication depending on the chosen color but Lisa feels that this is all part of making the range more attractive.

“We believe our customers will love it, as it brings in a surprise element to your normal activewear,” she says.

And it seems so far so good for the Strike collection as the brand appears to be getting encouraging reactions from brand fans.

Seven til Midnight Strike style 30120 in pink Seven til Midnight Strike style 30125 in black, back view

“We’ve had great feedback from the rest of our 2016 collection already and we’ve heard nothing but good things for the Strike capsule,” Lisa reports.

The Strike activewear capsule collection is available online as well as in stores where Seven ‘til Midnight lingerie is sold.

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