Seven ’til Midnight Strikes Again

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor

Strike two! Seven ’til Midnight has done it again with a scintillating update of its athleisure collection, Strike. Earlier this year, the brand introduced a fantastic capsule collection of sporting gear for women who like to get fit and active whilst maintaining an appealing sense of style.

Seven 'til Midnight Strikes Again

Sensuous elements were infused into the Strike collection through bondage influenced bras, push up styling and sexy bum hugging shorts that paired undeniably with every other piece.
This season, Strike has undergone a facelift that is once again a merger of high fashion but this time with strong sense of utility built into sports tops.

“We are focused on functionality along with comfort for this season’s Strike collection,” says Seven ’til Midnight spokesperson Lisa Linh. “We’ve designed secret/hidden pockets in our sports bra, allowing you to work out hands-free.”

Seven 'til Midnight Strikes Again

This takes the hassle out of where to stash the usual pocket paraphernalia or even where to secure your precious handset. With designs so ingenious even the Seven ’til Midnight team themselves are buzzing about the additions to the collection.

“We’re extremely excited for STM-30132 which has a hidden side pocket for keys and cards,” boasts Linh about the design features of the new Strike outlook. “We love the strappy details of STM-30133 and STM-30134X.”

So fashionistas need not worry about compromising on style as this is essentially balanced with the component of function so that the final output is flirtatious enough to turn heads on the street or in the gym.

And whilst visually these Strike outfits provide a delightful view from the front through bust-enhancing provisions like lower necklines and padded cups, as Seven ’til Midnight’s Lisa Linh alluded to, some of the bras’ best architectural qualities are found at the rear, making the wearer’s back a focal point.

Deep racer backs seductively show off the strength of the shoulders and the unique topography of the back muscles. Solid and perforated vertical lines glide down centre back teasing the delicate curve of the spine, drawing to the eye to this sensuous but strong column.

Bondage inspired caging plays with the surface area of the back, capturing and releasing flesh in mischievous fashion. Mesh storing and “stow and go” pocket built into the back band finalize the ingenuity of the updated must-have Strike collection.

And technical specifications are still a high priority for the brand as comfort and wearability are foundation keys to the Strike collection.

“You’ll find that our straps are thicker and we have mixed and match fabrication,” says Seven ’til Midnight brand rep Lisa Linh regarding the essential make-up of the collection.

Strike comes to us in three captivating mix-and-match scenarios: “Knockout” with a team of cross back designs and a pair of “not for the shy” mini dolphin mesh shorts; “On Point” which includes a booty hugging short with perforated inserts, and “Net Results” with an unbeatable line-up of mesh muscle tank, netted zip-up hoodie and deep-waist net insert Capri leggings.

The Strike colourway is centred on classic black which amplifies the bondage effect of the bras but is complemented by quick flashes of colour like pretty pink and a tangy green. Sizing ranges from standard to plus size making the collection even more appealing to a larger cross section of women.

We at TLJ know it might seem a little too close to the Holidays for all of this talk about sportswear. After all, who isn’t looking forward to those fabulous Holiday eats and treats which we all plan to work off in the New Year?

But whilst this reasoning might be all good for the consumer half of the relationship, Lisa Linh has stark advice for the retailer, especially when it comes to making the Strike collection available to their customers.

“We highly suggest jumping ahead and preparing for the New Year with pre-planning their showcase of the [Strike] collection,” Lisa Linh advises. “Images are readily available and we anticipate a sell-through so stock up!”

Seven 'til Midnight Strikes Again

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