Sewing Blogger Maddie Flanigan Creates a How to Create Lingerie Guide For Esty


Esty has recently teamed up with popular sewing and pattern-making blogger Maddie Flanigan of Madalynne to provide fans and customers with simple, easy to understand sewing advice to those interested in creating their own hand-crafted lingerie.

Estelle Puleston, the founder of Esty Lingerie, says, “Maddie’s new resource for Esty Lingerie is a treasure trove of useful information, from tips like how to cut fabric on the bias to little-known lingerie care secrets like that you can wash your silk bras and knickers with shampoo!”.

Maddie Flanigan is what we would call a true creative; her passion for sewing stems from years working as a technical designer, pattern maker, and seamstress. Her outlet for expression is entwined in the very threads she uses for her projects. As she puts it, “These are the stitches that thread my life. Without them, I would unravel.”

One of the most difficult aspects of learning how to sew and construct patterns is understanding the the very jargon of the trade. This is where Maddie steps in to help out beginners and even experienced sewers. Using easy to understand words, she strips away any confusion for complex projects such as sewing the cups of bras.

As Maddie’s most recent ventures in sewing have revolved around bras and knickers, she has now created a fantastic, detailed resource for the Esty community that covers everything from picking the right fabrics to choosing the right stitch-setting on your sewing machine.

The ‘How to Make Lingerie’ guide features a number of different sections to help users find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily:
How to make a bra
How to make knickers
How to choose lingerie fabrics
The secret to successful lingerie patterns
Needles, thread and stitches for lingerie
How to wash your lingerie

Each section provides a useful breakdown of the anatomy of the garment you are trying to create or fabrics you would like to use. For instance, in the ‘How to make a bra’ section, she defines the most important components of a bra and then lists the different types and silhouettes. Maddie provides useful tips for common problems such as falling straps then lists step-by-step instructions.

It is Maddie’s easy to comprehend writing coupled with her clear enthusiasm for sewing that makes this guide such an amazing resource to anyone who is interested in making their own lingerie.

To find out more and to start learning how to make your own beautiful bras and knickers go to

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