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Shan SS14

Seeing the leaves turn brown makes us long for warmer days on the beach. We take comfort in knowing that other parts of the world are easing into their summer months.

And we hope our readers, regardless of the season they are experiencing, will enjoy this short report on Shan’s 2014 swimwear collection.

Shan SS14

Shan takes inspiration from a variety sources for its 2014 collection including ready-to-wear fashions. The new 2014 collection is divided into nine themes: Caractère Urban, Élégance Citandine, Harmonie, Les Tulipes, Les Pivoines, Souplesse Céleste, Équilibre Graphique, C’est Le Bouget! and Élégance Voilée.

Each theme brings its own energy and flavor. Caractère Urban draws from 80s aesthetics while Élégance Citandine pairs jersey and silk in order to play on the ready-to-wear nature of Shan’s designs. “Élégance Citandine offers a versatile design suitable for day or night, concealing with puckered charm and skillful zig zag seams.” says the company.

Shan SS14

Other themes such as Harmonie, Les Tulipes, Équilibre Graphique, C’est Le Bouget! and Les Pivoines utilise bold prints and striking colors. While textures play a big role in Souplesse Céleste and Élégance Voilée.

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