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Shoot Me Sexy NYC Agent Provocateur

Above: Shoot Me Sexy NYC model wears Agent Provocateur.

“Photo shoots with Shoot Me Sexy NYC empowers women to let their inner and outer beauty shine.” – Nomi Ellenson, Shoot Me Sexy NYC.

Shoot Me Sexy NYC is a full-service boudoir company that specializes in classic and fashion-forward boudoir headed by photographer Nomi Ellenson and make up artist Danielle Greenstein. The creative duo established Shoot Me Sexy NYC with the mission of empowering women to let their inner and outer beauty shine.

Their portfolio of work is amazing and showcases their artistry and dedication to the craft. We love their approach and also their love of intimate apparel so we sat down with Nomi for this intimate Q&A to learn more about Shoot Me Sexy NYC:

Shoot Me Sexy NYC L'Agent 1

Above: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur.

Nomi, could you tell our readers who might not be familiar with your studio, what Shoot Me Sexy NYC is all about?

Shoot Me Sexy NYC is in the business of helping women, men, and couples feel good ​about themselves, and allowing them to see that confidence and sensuality captured and reflected in photographs. It’s the brainchild of myself, a photographer, whose family has been in the lingerie business since 1888 and Danielle, a hair and makeup artist. Together we offer the expertise to help women, and men,​ look and feel their best and have that documented with photos. Danielle and I both believe that sensuality and beauty is a quality everyone possesses, and we really enjoy taking part of that process of discovery with each of our clients. When the work is at its best it allows people to see their secret selves reflected back to them in photographs.

Shoot Me Sexy NYC Angela Friedman 2

Above: model wearing Angela Friedman.

“Danielle and I both believe that sensuality and beauty is a quality everyone possesses, and we really enjoy taking part of that process of discovery with each of our clients.” – Nomi Ellenson.

How did you and and Danielle meet? What was the spark the generated the idea and concept behind Shoot Me Sexy NYC?

Danielle and I met on a photo shoot for Hearst. We instantly clicked and started doing photo shoots together. Part of what made our bond special was our love for lingerie, and our personal demeanors which allows people to feel comfortable. One day, after a lingerie shoot, we were hanging out and we realized that we could turn this into a business that people would enjoy.​

Shoot Me Sexy NYC Victoria's Secret

Above: model wearing Victoria’s Secret.

How long did it take the two of you to go from initial concept to the business launch? What was the most difficult part of launching this business?

I’d say the hardest part were the hours of organizing probably a dozen shoots to build our content, but that was also part of the fun. It took months of preparation, mostly because we didn’t want to launch our site with​out being 100% sure we had the business formalized and workflow finalized. We also wanted to make sure we had enough content on our site (photo wise) so that people could get a visual of our work.

Shoot Me Sexy NYC Victoria's Secret 2

Above: model wears Victoria’s Secret.

It seems like you and Danielle bring some great, complimentary talents to the business, could you go over what it’s like working together?

Like any business, good communication is essential. Danielle and I are constantly in touch whether via phone, text, or meetings. The best part is that we each have our own expertise, but we also enjoy constructive criticism. It keeps each of us on our toes and makes us the best we can be.

​We also really enjoy the dynamic we have with our clients, because the work is so personal. Our customers really feel like our friends, but we’re able to bring our expertise to the sessions and make them the focus. ​

Shoot Me Sexy NYC Angela Friedman 3

Above: model wearing Angela Friedman.

You recently wrote, “Photo shoots with Shoot Me Sexy NYC empowers women to let their inner and outer beauty shine.” It’s such a lovely sentiment! We’d love it if you could walk us through the creative process that allows you to do this for your clients, could you explain?

When I started the business I knew that I wanted the boudoir experience to leave an empowering imprint on our clients. There is a lot of discussion out there about body image, and each boudoir session with us we make sure we celebrate an individual’s beauty. ​It’s vulnerable for clients sometimes, and can be hard to put​ yourself out there, so it’s very important to Daniele and I that we make people feel comfortable and safe to be creative together. It’s nurturing and can be transformative for how people see themselves. ​

Shoot Me Sexy NYC Ariana

I admire each of our clients who have taken the leap. FOr us, giving the clients choices, whether it be hair/makeup/clothing, lets the experience feel personalized and like them. We aren’t trying to create this brand new woman that she can’t recognize, we want the person who is coming in to have the opportunity to shine.

Shoot Me Sexy NYC Agent Provocatuer

Besides the subject being shot, a boudoir photo shoot’s other star is arguably the intimate apparel. Do you and Danielle have a hand in deciding the intimates your subjects wear or do they bring their own garments?

It depends. We offer guidance to all of our clients about what to bring to the shoot. We do offer personal styling for a fee. The most important part, which we stress, is that they feel comfortable. That could mean a bra and panty, a negligee, or even fully nude! It’s up to them. I have worked in the lingerie store founded by my great great grandfather, now run by my uncle, and have a good understanding on lingerie fit and style.

Shoot Me Sexy Hanky Panky

Above: model wears Hanky Panky.

“I really love each client and what they bring to the shoot. I am constantly in awe of how they share their beautiful selves, in gorgeous lingerie.” – Nomi.

Could you walk us through a photoshoot? What’s done to plan, how you set up, how the customer is involved, etc?

Our shoots happen in a variety of ways. In terms of location we can come to you, or we work from our own apartment/studio. Each shoot has a bed, a couch/lounge, and then a wall to shoot against. Each client arrives and we first do hair and makeup. While that goes on we chat, get to know each other. We like to know if the client is doing the shoot for a significant other, or themselves, because we want to make sure to highlight his/her favorite attributes. Once they are glammed up we start taking photos!! We show photos to the client as we shoot to make sure we get what they want. After doing this for ​a while I have a pretty good hunch of what the client is after!

Nomi, could you go over the tiers of packages Shoot Me Sexy NYC offers? What’s the difference between the packages and the Gift Packages?

Each package offers a full Shoot Me Sexy experience. That includes hair, makeup, photo shoot, and a gallery of images. Depending on the package you may get one more lingerie look, so more time to shoot, or you are able to choose more photos to have edited. Gift packages are add-ons to the photo shoot.

You have some great testimonials featured on your site, could you tell us what’s been your most favorite, or most memorable, photoshoot and why?

I really love each client and what they bring to the shoot. I am constantly in awe of how they share their beautiful selves, in gorgeous lingerie. One of my favorites was a couple we shot. They wanted a special experience during a special weekend in NYC. It was fantastic to see them go outside their comfort zone and trust us! We got some amazing photos!

Shoot Me Sexy NYC Angela Friedman 4

Above: model wearing Angela Friedman.

There are some great videos on the site, where they shot with professional models or where they Shoot Me Sexy customers or both?

Our videos are shot with both! We needed to use models at first to gain content, but then we had some willing friends who were game to help us out!

For anyone that wants to set up an appointment with you and your team, how can they get in touch?
Danielle and I can’t wait to hear from you! As a special promotion for Lingerie Journal readers, mention this article and you will receive $20 off your package.

You can go to our website or our e-mail at

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