Should Your Lingerie Business Use Cloud Computing? 

An infographic with the words, Cloud Computing, is it right for your lingerie business?

Cloud computing is the subject of the day when it comes to business and IT. Cloud computing is being promoted as a money and time saver, but there are many risks to that end. 

Quality of service issues – You have no control over how someone else in your cloud utilizes services, and we have witnessed situations where over utilization of services by one customer has caused issues for another.
Standardization - There are no standards set for cloud computing. You may have to modify applications to utilize the service or if you developed your solution on a particular cloud you may be stuck there. Either one is not good. 

Integration complexities – Due to the lack of standardization you may run into integration complexities, which in the end may diminish any savings you may see. 

Security – Security is always a concern, especially in shared services like cloud computing. There are concerns with is the issue of limited to no control over how your data is managed, privacy protections, and backups. The recent Amazon outage a few months ago is a perfect example.  

The bottom line: Cloud computing is not a mature service. There are no industry standards for this service; this alone makes it a risk to use. While being a suggested option at this time for small to medium size businesses we suggest waiting out it’s infancy.

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