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Above: Simone Pérèle Insolence.

“Shades of Innocence and Intrigue”

Last month, we had the opportunity — and pleasure — to see Simone Pérèle’s SS14 collection in person at their showroom here in NYC. Simone Pérèle’s Caroline Soulagnat walked us through the collection with hanger after hanger of gorgeous pieces. The brand’s SS14 collection is described as revealing “…a woman of intrigue and appeal. She is easy going yet multifaceted, romantic yet mysterious, deliberate yet spontaneous.”

Simone Perele Showroom


As always, each collection is inspired by art, travel and culture. Quality fabrics, embroidery, laces and ribbons are selected with infinite care by the brand to enhance a woman’s natural curve. Along with some gorgeous designs, Simone Pérèle’s SS14 collection showcases the brand’s innovation with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques like 3D knit technology in their Andora range and aloe vera infused lace in Caressence.

Collection Details

We’ve highlighted nine ranges from the collection: Inspiration, Insolence, Ingénue, Insomnie, Amour, Révélation, Céleste, Andora and Caressence. Each range includes a photo and a description from Simone Pérèle. Additionally, we’ve added a few close-up shots of garments we took at the showroom. If you are a retailer interested in carrying Simone Pérèle, please contact In the mean time. please comment and let us know what you think of Simone Pérèle’s SS14 collection:

(Editor’s note: product descriptions provided by Simone Pérèle.)



Simone Pérèle believes that every woman deserves to be exquisitely comfortable in her lingerie. Divinely soft “Lotion Touch” microfiber (one of the finest knits ever created), hugs curves to perfection with a silky-smooth sheen surface. Folded, stitch-free microfiber edges draw pure lines and a seamless finish against the skin, so that no elastic or creases are felt. Adjustable straps complete the collection, offering three different positions (straight, racerback and halter) for the most discreet look under clothing.

Inspiration is also a work of art in the making. Each season, Simone Pérèle artisans reinvent the collection by adding a new creative design element. This season, Inspiration makes its debut in alluring Midnight Blue and with a chic assortment of six straps that decorate the shoulders, including Simone Pérèle’s signature guipure accents, and an ultra-sensual lace back. Showcasing Simone Pérèle’s iconic style, each piece is signed with a silver-studded brand logo.


Simone Perele INSOLENCE
Insolence embodies the woman who is unafraid to be herself, and seizes her life with unabashed passion. Her sense of freedom is illustrated with dove-like embroidered wings using Saint Gallen embroidery. Supremely soft to the touch, each wing is worked in a dynamic juxtaposition of matte versus brilliance. Ethereal wings adorn bra cups in perfect symmetry, angled towards the straps to create a harmonious design that simply soars.

Simone Perele Insolence Close Up

Insolence honors the multifaceted aspects of what it is to be a woman, and her beautifully complex, sometimes contradictory nature. In White, Insolence expresses her purity of spirit; Plum calls forth her mysteriousness and depth, and Flame awakens her wild, provocative nature. Her exquisite nature and unbridled independence is captured in every detail: satin straps, pleated bows, the touch of satin framing the bust, and the hints of radiance emanating from the embroidered wings. Insolence illuminates the freedom of the spirit.


Simone Perele INGENUE

With its gracefully draped fabrics, muted colors and pure lines, Ingenue captures an alluring feminine innocence. Yet as is the nature of a woman, the collection embodies a sophisticated and undeniably sensual essence. Inspired by haute couture gowns of the 1960’s, Ingenue presents a play of delicate embroidery and airy fabrics softly draped in chic, asymmetrical designs, creating a striking silhouette. This exquisite draping is made with a single layer of divinely light fabric created with the finest knit and threads for a look that appears enticingly veiled.

Simone Perele Ingenue CloseUp

The effect is seamless, pure and simply ethereal. This almost angelic innocence is offset with a wink to a woman’s more refined sensuality and sophistication. Beautifully placed floral guipure elegantly embellishes this collection. Ingenue is made complete with two soft colors that echo the feminine nature of the designs: luminous and romantic Blush and a more modern and mysterious two-toned Shadow.


Simone Perele INSOMNIE 2
Insomnia dives deep into the web of a woman’s most profound and intimate dreams. Like a sparkling sky, Insomnia reflects the intricate layers of a woman’s psyche, illuminated with captivating embroidery, guipure embellishments and celestial lace. Inspired by the renowned craftsmanship of a famous French embroiderer, Insomnia’s beauty is awakened with gently angled flowers holding a world of precious adornments: stars, suns, teardrops, dancing ringlets and luminous pearls. This magnificent play of embroidery and guipure is set upon a backdrop of layered voile. Simone Pérèle explores the facets of Insomnia with three color interpretations: the soft dreaminess of Ivory, the magnetic passion behind Black, and the carefree freshness of summer captured by Sky.


Simone Perele AMOUR
The supremely refined Amour collection sets a new standard of elegance by combining Leavers lace with a graphic, textured-style knit. The floral lace motif appears in brush strokes and is magnified by the play of matte and sheen, giving it depth. Tulle adds a light, airy feel to the collection, appearing at the center gore of the bras or in a triangle at the back of panties. The width of intricate guipure lace straps increases with each cup size.

Product attributes
• This breathtaking collection is perfect for brides, with its progressive padding and suspender belt.
• Matching bottoms are ultra-refined, particularly the shorty, which beautifully showcases lace and the double-lined cotton bikini brief.
• A 3D spacer plunge bra (inspired by the best-selling Caressence collection) and an ultra-sensual top.
• This season unveils a new permanent color: deep charcoal adds a rich new tone of black.


Simone Perele REVELATION
With Revelation, full figure lingerie is beautiful at last: The Revelation collection is a gem: adorned with embroidered tulle, guipure, bows, rich colors and a play of veiled fabrics… Every style is designed to be sublimely beautiful, while ensuring a flawless fit and maximum support for full busted women. The Revelation collection presents couture lingerie from C to H cups.

Product attributes
• 3 complementary bra styles, from a supportive double-lined cotton full cup (320) to a full bust half cup (334).
• A wide range of bra sizes (H cups, 115 (44) and 120 (46) backs) and panties up to a size 7.
• A moulded 343 made with 3D spacer fabric (inspired by the best-selling Andora) from D to H cup.


Simone Perele CELESTE
Stretch Chantilly lace, acclaimed for its ultimate fit and supreme comfort, is elegantly designed with an “inlay effect” for ultimate styling. In addition, this high quality lace offers comfort and support in very seductive styles, full cup styles, and for special occasions, such as weddings.

Simone Perele Celeste Close Up

Product attributes
True innovation :
• Two strapless plunge bras up to F cup (smooth cup and lace cup).
• Full cup styles up to G cup: full bust half cup and full cup bra.
• A nightdress completes the bridal look with a strapless bustier, push-up and suspender belt.
• New this season: a chic body suit and a the soft cup triangle bra in Peau Rosé.


Simone Perele ANDORA
What makes Andora so unique is its innovative 3-dimensional (3D) knit technology, creating a moulded bra that feels like a second skin and embodies a woman’s natural curves.

Simone Perele Andora Close Up

Product attributes
• New 3D moulded triangle shape is a welcome addition to the best-selling collection.
• Two new color additions: a limited edition vibrant Coral/Gold and a new permanent shade: Blush.
• A new panty that combines seamless, comfortable cotton with elegant embroidery accents.
• 2 styles featuring Andora’s 3D Spacer fabric, including an international bestseller: the 3D Moulded 343.
• The addition of a B cup to the rigid moulded bra, made with Simplex fabrics, a Simone Pérèle must-have material.


Simone Perele CARESSENCE
The first lingerie collection to combine two revolutionary materials for unsurpassed comfort and an ultimate fit:

• 3D Spacer: Three-dimensional knit fabric gently shapes the bust without adding volume.
• Aloe Vera lace: Absolute comfort is achieved by infusing Aloe Vera into the threads.

This everlasting soft lace is ultra-supple to the touch.
Product attributes
• Five 3D Spacer bras, including one strapless and the ultimate consumer favorite 3D Plunge 316.
• Added lace on the straps for pure refinement.
• Full cups: Up to H cup in 12J 315, and G cup in 12J 343.

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  1. Avatar Tina says:

    This is a beautiful collection, and the close-ups are great! I sew, just a novice, but I know good stitching when I see it, and the stitching on these garments is flawless. I think taking close-ups is great in that high end lingerie SHOULD be able to stand the scrutiny of a close-up shot.

  2. Looks like another winning collection. Beautiful. Roll on Spring!

  3. Avatar Lynne Kent says:

    mmm another great collection from one of my favorite Lingerie Brands

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