Siren Swimwear by Seven ’til Midnight

Siren Swimwear by Seven ’til Midnight

“The Siren collection incorporates tropical photography and colors like coral and teal, while still staying true to the brand’s lingerie heritage.”

Whether you are looking forward to a staycation or tropical getaway, Siren by Seven ’til Midnight will have you feeling like a true goddess. The Siren swimwear collection echoes inspiration from their lingerie heritage, incorporating beautiful, modern elements that are not only sensual but also flattering and comfortable.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Vinh Luong, Seven ’til Midnight’s Vice President, to find out a bit more about their new swim collection, including the inspiration behind the line, helpful merchandising tips for retailers and future plans.

Siren Swimwear by Seven ’til Midnight

Above: Valentina string triangle bikini top with tassels and gold hardware and thong bikini body.

Details are a definite standout quality for the Siren by Seven ’til Midnight swimwear collection. Straps adorned with delicate hardware and tassels, as in their Valentina style, add a bit of edginess, while metallic backgrounds and intricate laser cuts add a bold and contemporary touch to classic silhouettes, seen in their Jasmine and Lorena styles.

Shimmering Details

Siren by Seven ’til Midnight

Above: Victoria High leg one-piece swimsuit with silver foil stamp pattern.

“styles like Victoria can be shown off as a sexy, functional look that provides coverage and resembles a teddy.”

“Metallic and glitter have been very trendy since last year, fourth quarter and we foresee that trend continuing into spring,” says Vinh. “We felt it was important to capture that in our swimwear. Jasmine is more focused on gold, while Victoria is focused more on silver.”

Vinh adds that metallic features work wonderfully, especially in swimwear, because they shimmer beautifully in the sun and add visual interest to the suits. The collection’s luscious fabrics, bold colors and daring details also echo the sultry style of the tropics, adding the finishing touch to these looks.

Laser Cut Trend

Siren by Seven ’til Midnight

Above: Lorena halter bikini top and cheeky bikini bottom.

“The vision behind our Lorena style was to incorporate the laser cut perforation trend, which we frequently see in ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags and intimate apparel,” says Vinh. “We wanted to translate those elements into our swimwear. We play with textures, as well as the laser cuts. The high-neck halter is also a big trend for us right now. We really love the intricate laser cut on Lorena.”

Siren by Seven ’til Midnight

Above: Laura top with fishnet inserts and high waisted bikini.

The Siren collection incorporates tropical photography and colors like coral and teal, while still staying true to the brand’s lingerie heritage.

According to Vinh, the top five styles are Laura, Valeria, Isabella, Sara and Candice. “Laura is our best seller and represents the collection beautifully, as it’s a fan favorite,” she says. “It really translates the theme of the collection. We use mesh as an inset, combined with microfiber.”

Siren by Seven ’til Midnight

Valeria has a similar styling, with an added tassel for edginess and a wrap around strap detailing.

“The mesh is placed in strategic areas, where it’s most flattering: the bust area and the back, to accentuate the bottom. The harness detail adds edginess and contrasting material combines sexiness and coverage. Laura comes in wine and olive, which are super trendy right now.” adds Vinh.

Merchandising Tips for Siren Swimwear

Siren by Seven ’til Midnight

Above: Valeria.

A great way for retailers to merchandise this collection is showcasing the various ways customers can wear the bikinis, for example. Various looks can be created with two bikinis, by showcasing them as a set, or by mixing and matching. This empowers customers to create their own customized look, depending on the particular look they want to achieve. Several mannequins can be used to showcase the versatility of the collection.

Siren by Seven ’til Midnight

Above: Donna triangle bikini top and bottom with ruched back.

“Retailers should also emphasize the flexibility in the fit,” adds Vinh. “We are quite unique, as our Siren tops and bottoms are sold separately. We offer flexibility with sizing and silhouettes. Customers can pick their own sizes for top and bottom, as most women have different sizes for each. Retailers can also merchandise according to sexiness and edginess. All pieces have a ‘wow’ factor that can be dressed up or down.”

Power of Lighting

Siren by Seven ’til Midnight

Above: Jasmine bonded lace halter bikini top with high neck and front lace-up detail.

Lighting is also a great tool that can highlight the intricate details of styles like Jasmine and can create a powerful focal point for brick-and-mortar or online boutiques. Siren has details that can be fully appreciated by displaying on mannequins. For example, styles like Victoria can be shown off as a sexy, functional look that provides coverage and resembles a teddy.

Siren by Seven ’til Midnight

Siren swimwear by Seven ’til Midnight is a collection that can easily be worn beyond the beach by simply combining the fashion-forward tops as bralettes with high-waist, wide leg trousers or maxi skirts, skinny jeans or even leggings. The detailed tops would also look sexy under a slightly unbuttoned blouse, open casual blazer or jacket. One-piece styles like Candice can be worn as a teddy with any bottom or a chic kimono.

“We have seen a lot of these versatile looks, especially in Coachella. We definitely want to expand the collection in the future, so we are exploring cover-ups, wraps and fun accessories to grow the collection,” says Vinh.

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