SKYLUXE by Just FIT Aims for the Stars

The SKYLUXE not only inspires confidence in its ability to get the work done but also inspires confidence in the women wearing it.

Women are known to be great at multitasking, but generally, our undergarments aren’t. What we wear day-to-day isn’t built for an active woman who needs her undergarments to meet daily demands-from a hard day in the office to a gym class or evening function straight after. Just FIT lingerie and activewear founder Celestine Cheong calls her a “performance professional” and decided to create a better sports gear solution that was not only a multitasker but is of excellent design as well, something that truly resonated with her, she says.

Just Fit Skyluxe

Enter the SKYLUXE sports bra, which has the technical requirements for exercise, the style for every day, and the ability to move between many worlds with ease. Celestine, a Touch player, got tired of having to change out her underwear to exercise after a long day, and so created what she calls, “beautiful underwear you actually want to wear,” specifically engineered to meet multiple needs.

This bra is on a whole other level than standard sportswear. “It answers a completely different function and better precision (and outcome) compared to cut and sewn sports bras,” says Celestine.

Technical Support and Style

Rather than using a wire to help with support as some sports bras do, the SKYLUXE bra uses a patented process of elastomeric coating and bonding, with an outer casing of flocked silicone. The silicone functions both structurally and aesthetically. Created by 3D printing on textiles, it provides structural support that molds to your body, while the outer casing has a luxurious velvet feeling when touched.

The Just FIT team made sure they got the fit perfect – grading bras properly can be difficult. The additional element of the laser cut overlay design is an eye-catcher in and of itself but takes a considerable amount of time to do, also. That’s why, Celestine notes, they have a limited size range – so they could get it perfect for those sizes offered.

SKYLUXE In Action with Nollaig Quinn

We had the opportunity to speak with Nollaig Quinn, a fellow Touch player, who has worn the SKYLUXE bra with quite an active lifestyle (definitely more active than mine!). She gave us the details on the bra and what it’s all about for the modern woman:

How did you first hear about the bra, what got you interested in it?
NQ: I first purchased the Just FIT thongs for a big sports event back in 2018. I’ve played International competitions, had heavy work out sessions in the gym and worn them to restorative yoga and they are by far the best sports underwear that I own. So when I knew that the SKYLUXE sports bra was being developed I had to have in on it, too.

What was it like wearing the SKYLUXE bra for the first time?
NQ: I loved the design the fit and the feel of the material on my skin. It felt so comfortable – like a second skin – but still with loads of support in all the right places. Because it is seamless there are no unsightly lumps or bumps under my tops.

How does this bra compare to others?
NQ: The fit is perfect and offers amazing flexibility to work with your body. Unlike some other sports bras there was no tight and restrictive straps or adjustable clips causing any discomfort.

What do you like about its functionality?
NQ: I love the whole seamless design, the look and the feel on. You can definitely tell by the design and overall fit of this beautiful bra that it was created by someone who understands what is required from a sports bra.

Final thoughts?
NQ: I love the look of it on. I’m not the kind of person who would feel comfortable wearing a sports bra only to the gym or hot yoga but this gorgeous bra is something I would feel confident and happily wear on its own.

The SKYLUXE not only inspires confidence in its ability to get the work done but also inspires confidence in the women wearing it. That is perhaps the greatest recommendation a woman can give.

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