SoffiaB Robes: Sugar & Spice and Enchanted Ocean Luxury

California Dreaming Joshua Dream Hanky Pany and SoffiaB Robes

Above: Dalia Patron wears the SoffiaB Sugar & Spice Luxury Robe. Photos by Becky Yee.

Earlier this month, photographer Becky Yee traveled to California with two luxurious SoffiaB creations – the Sugar & Spice and Enchanted Ocean Luxury robes.

Models showcased these styles against the backdrop of the Joshua Tree National Park, the Pacific Ocean and the Kimpton La Peer Hotel. Beauty reflecting beauty.

These stunning robes deserved more attention than just one story, so we reached out the brand’s founder and designer, Sophie Burkart to learn more about these styles which are part of her Persephone collection.

Q&A with SoffiaB’s Sophie Burkart

California Dreaming SoffiaB and Felina

“These luxurious robes take up to six weeks to craft.”

We’d love for our reader’s to know the inspiration behind these two styles?

All of our collections begin with inspiration. With Persephone it was very much about the Autumn season and all it encompasses.

Sugar & Spice seems to capture an English Autumn, the roses have faded and our thoughts turn to baking apple crumble.  Enchanted Ocean reminds me of the cool depths of the ocean where even as seasons change the bluest depths remain undisturbed.

SoffiaB Robes: Made in America

California Dreaming SoffiaB Robe and Novel Swim

Above: Above: Laura Odegard wears SoffiaB Enchanted Ocean Luxury Robe.

Could you walk us through the production process?  

The inspiration will dictate what sort of robe will be produced (short, long, mid) and what the lining will be.  From there I decide on the silk prints and corresponding velvet if appropriate.

Production takes place in New York’s iconic garment district under the auspices of Boaz David and his team at Human B Designer Corp.  Once the sample has been signed off by me the usual production process of marking, grading, cutting and sewing takes place.  Quality inspection happens throughout the process with a final sign off from the production team before it is shipped out. The production process itself typically takes around six weeks.

Luxurious Fabrics

California Dreaming Soffia B Robe

What is it about the silk charmeuse fabric that captures light so beautifully? What inherent qualities does this fabric also give to the wearer?  

Charmeuse refers to the way the silk threads are woven in such a way they create a lustrous and slightly reflective finish to the silk.  This reflection almost creates a ripple effect on the wearer as it hangs beautifully and creates a fluid covering, it’s incredibly flattering on the body.

“Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous!”

California Dreaming Joshua Tree Hanky Panky SoffiaB robe

These two are part of your Persephone collection, how was it that this Goddess became the namesake for these styles?  

Apart from the fact that I adore the name Persephone, it actually rather made sense as just before Persephone goes back down to Hades and the underworld, harvest begins and the earthly residents prepare for winter.

What’s the one feeling you want customers wearing your robes to experience?

Looking the part isn’t enough in our book, it’s important the wearer feels as good as she looks.  Hence our company mantra is “Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous!”

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California Dreaming SoffiaB and Felina

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