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SoffiaB Poppy Perfection

Above: SoffiaB Shortie Robes like Poppy Perfection are made in America.

by Michelle Broomes

Like an alchemist combining secret ingredients to yield a potent elixir, British loungewear designer Sophie Burkart has combined essential comfort with unmistakable and luxurious design to produce glamorous robes that give new meaning to the term “evening gown”.

Burkart, owner and founder of loungewear brand SoffiaB, has reinvented the robe and dressing gown from just your typical fuddy-duddy early morning and late evening “throw ons” to must-have indulgent statement pieces invented to shroud the modern woman with grace and style in the comfort of home. Through SoffiaB, Burkart has not only fulfilled a personal inner longing to envelop herself in exquisite designer garments but to share her passion for niche market luxury goods with other discerning women.

SoffiaB Shortie Collection

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SoffiaB robes are manufactured in New York’s famous Garment District, employing fine textiles like Sea Island cotton and silk charmeuse which are adorned with vibrant and charming colorways, making them appealing to any taste. Customers can choose from the likes of two main decadent collections – Delphine and Daphne – which both offer climatic advantages depending on the weather. SoffiaB also presents Delphine as a shortened version known as the “Shortie”, still with the feather light cottony goodness as the original but in a length that is more idyllic to warmer climes.

In an interview with TLJ, Sophie Burkart talks about the personal and professional inspiration behind her Shortie collection, reminiscing about her English heritage and giving insight into what goes into making SoffiaB the home of the romantic robe.

Interview with Sophie Burkart, owner and founder of SoffiaB

SoffiaB Meadow Music Shortie Luxury Robe

Above: Meadow Music.

Sophie, could you give us some insights into the inspiration behind the Shortie Collection? Did customer feedback also inspire the collection? If so, how?

Our customers love our full length robes. They consistently say there’s nothing else like them. And their feedback very much prompted us to create the Shortie line. It was a question asked frequently: “do you do short ones?” For travelling purposes although our robes are very light due to the nature of the fabric a Shortie packs even easier. And some customers just prefer less when the mercury really climbs!

We would love your insights into the patterns that grace pieces like Mint Bliss and Meadow Music. Why and how did you choose these patterns?

The original Delphine collection was inspired by memories of my childhood summers spent at the seaside in the UK – roaming around a gorgeous little village, across meadows of wild grass, of bonfires on the beach, of mint and chocolate bon bons, of a carefree existence. In trying to capture that feeling it made sense to continue the soft breezy colours and patterns into the Shortie collection.

SoffiaB Sand Dune Delight Luxury Robe Shortie

Above: Sand Dune Delight.

Keeping in mind your colors, patterns and fabrics, what feeling or emotion do you want your customers to feel when they look at and put on pieces from the Shortie Collection?

Our mission and mantra across all of our collections is for women to not only look gorgeous, but perhaps more importantly to feel fabulous. It is no different with the Shortie collection which features our hand stitched details and signature cotton lining for elegance and comfort.

How does the Shortie range fit into the rest of the SoffiaB family of robes and gowns?

It’s really a natural extension of our line and whilst it has been designed for soaring temperatures, the collection plays perfectly into bridal wear, for example, and would make a super bridal party gift.

SoffiaB Indigo Shortie Robe

Above: Indigo Moonlight.

Has there already been a customer/fan favorite?
Mint Bliss and Indigo Moonlight are fighting it out for first position.

For potential customers that may not have heard of SoffiaB, I think it’s important for them to know about the quality of materials and craftsmanship that goes into your collections. Could you tell us about your design and manufacturing process?

Absolutely! In creating SoffiaB, there were two things that were fundamental to the essence of the business. The first as previously mentioned was to design a robe that made women look gorgeous and feel fabulous. There are many robes and dressing gowns out on the market that are big, fluffy and feel great initially, but sadly one ends up looking somewhat like a baby elephant and before too long getting hotter and hotter. In addition, in trying to find something more stylish and elegant, there are many exquisite robes around that are really only designed for one thing in mind, seduction. So it was imperative that our robes were beautiful – hence the variety of gorgeous colours and prints on our silks- but also felt good against our skin. This is where our signature linings come into play.

Our Daphne collection is lined with double napped, 100% brushed cotton so combined with the silk charmeuse they are superbly warm and yet still breathable. The Delphine collection both original and Shortie, are lined with feather light sea island 100% cotton, that has a sateen finished for additional elegance.

The second imperative was they had to be made in the US. When creating a luxury item we had to have control and oversight of how it was made and ensure the details were to our requirements. We needn’t have worried! I found a fantastic gentleman who oversees all our production right in the middle of the garment district in New York and the quality is fantastic – from the hand stitched seams to laser cut labels, lined pockets and so on. It was important to us that our customers knew where our robes were made and you can’t get much better provenance than the Garment District!

SoffiaB Mint Bliss

Above: Mint Bliss.

What would you like retailers to convey most to customers interested in the Shortie and by extension all SoffiaB collections?

Put on a SoffiaB robe and life becomes instantly better because not only do you look gorgeous, but you feel fabulous and this is regardless of whether you are feeling and looking your best or have had better days. This is about you, you the woman. This is about having a piece of calm in your hectic life. This is for when you need a lift, some me-time, when putting on your night-wear only makes you feel more tired.
SoffiaB robes and dressing gowns also make a gorgeous gift: as a Valentine’s present, Mother’s Day gift, perfect for the Bridal party, a special Birthday or just because you deserve a treat. This is the one article of clothing that will make you feel able to begin the day with serenity and to end it with peace.

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