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Luna Mae London founder and CEO, Claudia Lambeth

Above: Claudia Lambeth, CEO and Founder of Luna Mae London.

Working on the press side of the intimate apparel industry gives us the opportunity to see the amazing artists and entrepreneurs debuting new collections, brands and boutiques on a steady, sometimes daily, basis. In early September, Louise Smith, head of press for the upcoming Luna Mae London lingerie brand, reached out to us to share the brand’s story. Founded by Claudia Lambeth, Luna Mae London offers couture lingerie by appointment only. Claudia is opening a showroom in London and following it up with locations in Paris, New York, LA, Milan and Tokyo. We wanted to share her story with our readers Claudia was kind enough to sit down with us for this Q&A:

Q&A with Claudia Lambeth, CEO and Founder

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Claudia, could you share with our readers who might not be familiar with your brand what Luna Mae London is all about?

Luna Mae London offers Couture Lingerie by appointment-only. Using only the finest silks and lace, we invite our wearer to experience the ultimate luxury and sophistication by allowing her to explore her most daring and decadent side. Our Couture Lingerie is proudly handcrafted in England by our seamstresses to our impeccably high standards of quality. Our vision is to create exclusive and exquisite pieces by interpreting new ideas and shapes on the female form which both enhance and embrace a woman’s curves.

Could you give us a little insight into your background as a designer?

Ever since I can remember, I have always had the most unreal obsession with lingerie. It was my dream to create the most luxurious undergarments seeing as it is the most intimate item of clothing a woman can possibly wear. I actually studied Law at University, mainly because I wanted to be taken seriously once I started the brand, and took up part-time courses at the London College of Fashion during my degree. I used to search for any stunning pieces of lingerie that I could get my hands on and I found it a great shame when luxury lingerie brands use cheap materials and mass produce in China, which is why I wanted to develop Couture Lingerie. I wanted to offer something different; a unique service of pure luxury.

How did the idea for Luna Mae London come about? How long has it taken to go from the idea phase to launch?

Luna Mae London was quite simply borne out of a love affair with lingerie. I have always felt that it is an extremely powerful tool since it can automatically transform a woman’s confidence if she knows she is wearing something beautiful beneath her clothes. Every woman deserves to celebrate her most intimate areas so she can feel seductive, empowered and supremely comfortable. The name is significant for the brand since I wanted to create incredibly sexy pieces which were elegant and sophisticated. The “Luna” has connotations of night-time and is ethereal and mysterious, and the “Mae” keeps it beautiful and feminine. We have been building the brand for about a year now and will be launching very soon.

I’m sure that at some point, you must have thought about producing overseas, why did you choose to go the made-to-order route?

Actually since the very beginning, it has always been my dream to completely manufacture in the UK. I feel that for a British couture brand, with hand-finised details, it is very important that I am able to spend a lot of time with my seamstresses to monitor the production and ensure that every single piece created gets the attention afforded to it. I believe very strongly in ethical working conditions and supporting the British manufacturing industry and feel very proud to be able to do this. We want to ensure that our collections remain exclusive which is why everything is made-to-order.

Could you walk us through the process your customers go through to purchase your one-of-a-kind pieces?

We invite every client of ours to be personally fitted at private appointments where we introduce them to our collection. These appointments are held in sumptuous locations, such as suites of beautiful hotels around the globe. It is our absolute goal to allow for the most exquisite fit when wearing our lingerie. By offering one-of-a-kind pieces with our Bespoke Service, we can confirm that our garments are completely unique. We do not sell in department stores or other boutiques as racks and racks of different designers can sometimes be a very impersonal experience. I believe that time should be taken when buying exquisite lingerie; it should not be an impulsive purchase in an anonymous department store.

Who is your customer and how are you trying to reach them?

Our customer is the woman who has an eye and appreciation for pure luxury. We will be inviting our clients to private soirées which we will be holding in London and New York as we want to personally welcome them to the world of Luna Mae London’s opulence and decadence.

Only a few images and glimpses of your garments have been seen on social media, when will you be able share some more images of the collection?

We are planning to shoot our collection towards the end of this year with our launch shortly following. I wish we could release more images to the public but we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise! We want to wait until everything is just perfect.

“My seamstresses are my saviours! They are incredibly talented and I am very fortunate to be able to work with them.”

We’re also excited to learn more about the seamstresses that work with you. Could you give us some insights about who they are and how you came to work with them?

My seamstresses are my saviours! They are incredibly talented and I am very fortunate to be able to work with them. It is imperative to keep the production of Luna Mae London very intimate in order to ensure that my designs and vision are translated through to every single garment, and no corners are cut. I was also very keen to push the boundaries of luxury and wanted to create the most decadent and indulgent pieces of lingerie I could imagine.

Claudia, what’s your favorite piece (or pieces) in the collection?

We have a beautiful body, called Lolita, which is featured in our first collection. This has structural lines which sculpt the female form and is a very seductive and exciting piece. Our Couture Bridal Collection is also in development at the moment and will be released later next year. This is adorned with hand-sewn corded French lace and is absolutely stunning. We can’t wait to reveal it!

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For any of our readers that want to learn more, where should we direct them?

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  1. Avatar erika says:

    great but not new at all … lot of brands do this already , independent brands / fashion designers .
    Independent designers that can customize your items / the bra with the perfect fit . I do my stuff with some independent designers around the world is a great feeling to receive something for you . good luck to this new brand ….

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