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Above: Dottie’s Delights photographed by Bennett Raglin.

One of the things I love about working in this industry is the fact that I get to meet talented artists like photographer Bennett Raglin on a daily basis. For over a year, we’ve been working Bennett and his studio BR Photo Creations on a variety of events and projects.

Many of the wonderful photos you’ve seen of Curve, the Lingerie Collective or our designer spotlights are the result of Bennett’s creativity. We’ve also photographed a few brands for some special, upcoming Lingerie Journal projects that are coming up on the horizon.

Maison Close

Above: Maison Close photographed by Bennett Raglin. Model: Shea Glaser

We didn’t want to keep these photos or Bennett to ourselves so we’ve put this Q&A together to showcase one of our favorite photographer’s work and insights into his creative process. Let us know what you think and if you’re looking for a photographer for your next shoot, we highly recommend Bennett!

Q&A with photographer Bennett Raglin

Photographer Bennett Raglin working with model Shea Glaser

Above: Photographer Bennett Raglin working with model Shea Glaser.

Bennett, we’re big fans of your work. Could you tell our readers who maybe haven’t seen your work a little bit about yourself and your photography?

I’ve worked as a freelance photographer for 23 years, with the past seven years covering regional news, sports, fashion, entertainment and feature events. As a contributor to WireImage, GettyImages, and Sipa Press my work is regularly featured in major domestic and international publications. I am dedicated to catching the style and spirit of every assignment by delivering high quality photos.

You have an impressive list of clients and projects. Could you highlight some of your favorites?

I had the opportunity to photograph the Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos Nigeria. While in Lagos, I did a photo shoot for New York designer Mataano. The location for the shoot was a random street in Lagos. The whole thing was very spontaneous, natural and the locals seem to be confused as to what was actually happening. It was very easy to produce great art. I once photographed Seal in concert at Royal Albert Hall in London. He open the concert singing James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World.” His voice was perfect, the setting iconic and the energy was crazy! I’ve been blessed to have had so many opportunities.

Ombrato Sleepwear and Lingerie

Above: Ombrato Sleepwear and Lingerie photographed by Bennett Raglin. Model: Karina Bik.

You are looking to work with more lingerie designers and brands. Could you tell us a little bit about what draws you to the lingerie industry? 

The intimate apparel industry is a bastion for up-and-coming designers and brands. Designers that work in this space are dedicated to promoting the beauty of all women. It’s a match made in heaven because I enjoy photographing woman and promoting their beauty.

Creme Bralee Lingerie

Above: Creme Bralee Lingerie photographed by Bennett Raglin. Model: Abigayle Rockette.

We’ve noticed first-hand how well you work with your subjects. Could you talk a little bit about how you approach your photo shoots? 

I like to understand the designers vision and work off that and provide insight were needed. On set, I want everything to be professional. That means not having too many people around and having good food and music whenever possible. I also like to get input from models. It’s important for me that the model feels comfortable and a part of the creative process. It makes for a better picture.

As a photographer, what kind of services do you offer?

I am currently offering discounts on look book services and I can come on location or in the studio to shoot catalog style shoots with retouching and unlimited photo usage.

Neveah Intimates

Above: Neveah Intimates photographed by Bennett Raglin.

And you really have every tool at your disposal from cameras to lights. Can you talk a little bit about the equipment you work with? 

I have every tool at my disposal. I have several studios that I use in New York and New Jersey.  I own lighting equipment and I am very comfortable shooting on location.

Bennett Raglin Photo Shoot

Could you also touch on what happens after a photo shoot because there’s a lot work in sorting, selecting and retouching the images after a shoot. What’s that process like?

I work with the client to create a style board and that board acts as inspiration for the shoot. Once the shoot is done, we have the images reviewed onsite at the time of shoot. Any adjustments (lighting, hair, makeup, looks , etc.) are made onsite. Images are saved to a hard drive and backed up on a secondary drive.  Some light retouching may be done prior to client review. The client reviews the images and selects the final images for retouching (retouching is done on a copy of the original image). Once retouched the images are present to the client for approval.

EricaM in her studio

Above: EricaM photographed by Bennett Raglin.

Any other advice to designers and brands wanting to get the best result from working with you or any other photographer? What should they expect? What kind of expectations should they have?

Know what you want and be able to communicate it. If you don’t know what you want that is ok too, but allot some time for the creative process.  I think they should expect a photographer to be organized, professional and open to new ideas. I have done over a thousand engagements and I treat each one as if it is first.  That might sound corny, but it is true. Every time I pick up the camera to take a picture I have to have a open mind so I can adapt quickly to change. The best picture comes from that spontaneous moment among the rehearsed.

Good Night Gilda

Above: Good Night Gilda photographed by Bennett Raglin. Model: Courtney Brokaw.

What would be your ideal project in the Intimates Industry?

The best project would put me at the ground level of a bigger movement. One where my photos are the key element in the designer’s, makeup artist’s, hair stylist’s and model’s success.

Creme Bralee

Above: Creme Bralee Lingerie photographed by Bennett Raglin. Model: Abigayle Rockette.

As an artist, who has been your biggest Artistic inspiration?

Gordon Parks. He started of shooting in his twenties (like me) and he cut his teeth on the Southside of Chicago — my hometown. He was versatile. He did fashion, portraits, documentary photography. His photos we natural, beautiful and told a story of the time in which he lived. He was a PHOTOGRAPHER not a category photographer (fashion photographer, sports photographer etc.) I am a PHOTOGRAPHER.

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