Spotlight: Vanilla Night & Day

Vanilla Night & Day

Vanilla has very delicate flowers and a very subtle scent but also the enormous power just like a women.

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor.

It has been 10 years since loungewear brand Vanilla Night & Day has been wowing the market with intensely beautiful and artistically crafted apparel designed for women who love to lounge in luxury. Silks, viscose and lace are passionately merged to make this Polish brand one of the best loved lingerie and lounge brands by women in Europe and North America.

Vanilla Night & Day

Founder of the brand, Kasia Pastwa, reveals her love for femininity and the female form through curve hugging design, romantic shaping, come-hither cut work, stunning motifs and embellishing with lace and dainty bows.

Vanilla Night & Day is off to CURVENY at the end of the month so we caught up with Kasia before the big day to tell us about the brand’s SS17 collection which patrons can expect to get a glimpse of at the show.

Vanilla Night & Day

Interview with founder of Vanilla Night & Day, Kasia Pastwa

1. Kasia, we are a bit curious. Why did you choose the name Vanilla for your brand?

From the beginning I wanted to make my brand very feminine and “scented”. Vanilla has very delicate flowers and a very subtle scent but also the enormous power just like a women. That’s why I decided that this is the perfect name for my brand. Moreover, women love the smell of vanilla in the kitchen and in the bedroom, exactly like our Vanilla Night & Day lingerie.

2. What role do you think Vanilla Night & Day has played in the loungewear market over the last 10 years?

With our brand we filled the gap in the market. When we started 10 years ago, in the market were top loungewear brands, but they were three even, four times more expensive. We introduced beautiful underwear [that was] well made from the finest materials but at an affordable price. I think it was and still is our key to success. We gave women luxurious nightwear at a good price.

Vanilla Night & Day

3. Your SS17 collection is called Secret Garden. What are the themes and inspiration behind this collection?

The collection is inspired by a fairy-tale world and the “mysterious” garden [and] all based on present trends. We designed this collection for women who are not afraid to dream and through our collection, [enter into] “wonderland”. Our home and especially our bedroom shall be our wonderland [and] Vanilla Night & Day helps in this.

4. Secret Garden is divided into different groupings. Can you give us a brief overview of some of these lines?

The whole collection is divided into smaller lines making the collection very varied. Particularly noteworthy is the line “hippie style” where governs printed satin and airy chiffon with a floral motif. Red poppies, accompanied by cornflowers, bell trousers and wide sleeves, take us not only to the 70s, but also in beautiful fairy-tale meadows. For women who appreciate minimalism and elegance we have a line “moon on the lake”. These models are more classic, made of beautiful, natural lace and top quality viscose. Sexy and romantic cutouts, luxury lace make every woman feel special and [they] will be celebrating pleasure every night [in these].

5. Vanilla Night & Day is headed off to CURVENY this month. What are you most looking forward to at this show?
We want to win the hearts of American women, let them know how important the night underwear is in [America] and get great feedback from [the American market]. We have excellent products that are well liked and are in every size. So, honestly the expectations are very big.

Vanilla Night & Day

6. What can we expect see and experience from Vanilla Night & Day at CURVENY later this month?
You will see a beautiful collection of nightwear and lingerie, made from the finest materials – very feminine and exciting. You’ll be also surprised by the prices. We think you will love Vanilla Night & Day.

Questions about Vanilla Night & Day?

Contact: Katarzyna Pastwa & Molly Rosenthal
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Telephone: +48 42 640 17 87

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  1. This line took my breath away. I was talking the other day with my employee saying how I wish the negleja (sp) and sexy loune ware were back in style… I alway remember seeing my mother pink and baby blues sheir long night gown coved up with at matching robe.
    I say bravo to you,
    Thank you,
    Lisa S

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