Spring Cleaning for Retailers

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by Margaret Shrum
Margaret Shrum aka The Lingerie Goddess is a NYC-based Fine Lingerie Expert & Personal Shopper with over two decades of hands-on experience styling and fitting thousands of women in lingerie. Her compassionate and feminine approach has attracted a following of women who are also interested in embracing and owning their unique beauty with lingerie through her company www.thelingeriediet.com. She also offers women a free online Lingerie Circle Community www.thelingeriegoddess.com where women can participate in her 30 Day Lingerie Diet Challenge and purchase her Ebook, Secrets of The Lingerie Diet.

Spring cleaning for retailers means moving out old merchandise and making room for new inventory. This movement can drive sales by creating a buzz about the surplus products that may have been hidden in back-stock. As retailers take an in-depth analysis of their inventory, they can decide on which brands, styles, sizes and trends to focus on promoting, especially if it is seasonal merchandise.

Retail Planning Meetings
Begin spring cleaning by scheduling a weekly retail planning meeting that shares the inventory analysis. Include the sales team and get feedback about what the customers are buying and what they are asking for. Encourage the team to brainstorm the different sales campaigns to promote each week based on the inventory surplus.

An example could be focusing on a particular “designer of the week” and merchandising the store to promote a collection while offering a time sensitive discount or gift with purchase. Campaigns can be simple, focusing on a “color of the week” or featuring a “bra of the week”, “ trends”, etc. This process can be creative and will keep the sales floor fresh, by moving the fixtures, changing the mannequins and re-merchandising the displays.  Even if the item has been in the store for a while, or is a basic that is carried each season, it may appear brand new when featured in a promotion.

This can turn into a favorable chance to go over highlights and product education with the sales team on a weekly basis. Engaging in open discussions about how the product fits, who is buying it and how to suggest it to the best potential clients. Make sure that the entire team tries on the featured product and comes up with their own dialogue to use with their clients.

Encourage Employees
Generate more sales by having the sales team mention the weekly promotion to their clients via email and phone and as they greet all walk in traffic. To motivate the sales team, create contests and incentives for employees who surpass sales goals around each promotion. Be sure to keep the entire team involved and reward them if they exceed the campaign goals.

Generate more sales by having the sales team mention the weekly promotion to their clients via email and phone and as they greet all walk in traffic.

Use Social Media
To spread the word online, use social media, like Twitter to engage with followers and retweet your promotions daily. Create a free Facebook page for your company and share the special promotions with Fans. Send out a weekly email blast or newsletter, mentioning the “promotion of the week”, using high quality images and creative copy to get the readers excited about shopping. If your business has e-commerce, be sure to promote it online via the website and blog.

Finally, spring cleaning is something that can go on throughout the year and help to decrease the end of season markdowns. Keep track of how well each campaign does and rotate the successful ones in between the seasons.

Margaret Shrum

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