Stola Fall/Winter 2011-12 Collection

Stola Lingerie Fall Winter 2011 - 2012 Collection

The talented team at Stola recently showed off their new 2011-12 Fall/Winter Collection at CURVE last week. As always, they presented some incredibly beautiful designs.

They took their inspiration for the new collection from the visuals of a remote area in the Hindu Kush and the people living there called the Kalash.

Divided into three groups: Sand, Rain and Rocky Mountain the new collection takes elements from the people and area and incorporates them into the beautiful designs.

Here’s a description from the company:

The Kalash land, a unique place of difficult access surrounded by rocky mountains of dim colors, is located in one of the most remote and mystic regions of Asia.

Rivers and trees seem to almost become swallowed by the majestic rock formations so typical to this landscape. The generally rather gray and inhospitable scenery is bathed in a warm and earthy light by the afternoon sun.

But it is not only the surroundings that lend this place a mythical air: legend has it that the Kalash women, part fairies and part human beings, are descendants of the troops of Alexander the Great.

Nowadays there are less than four thousand members of the Kalash tribe left, but their fascinating history provides a magical source of inspiration for STOLA’s 2011-2012 Fall/Winter Collection.

We’ve included some images here, but you have to check out Stola’s wonderfully designed website (in both Spanish and English).

For wholesale inquires contact:

ANA BAENA, Sales Director
(57)3176592426 /

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