Stolá SS13

Bra T10134 and Panty T12134
With the past two days being nothing but dreary and overcast we were definitely excited to receive a host of refreshingly bright images from the team over at Stolá.

Stunning tropical prints and intricate details characterize this breathtaking SS13 collection.

“Our spring summer collection is inspired by nature´s opulence and exuberance. The return of the color and vivacity of nature, announced by the arrival of the spring is manifested in Stolá´s passion for vintage images found in old albums.”-Stolá

Art is another huge source of inspiration for the designers at Stolá. For this collection they incorporate miniature details and meticulous accessories to honor one of the best jewelry designers in the world: Carl Febergé.

By blending retro and nature influences Stolá has managed to hit just the right notes of trendy while remaining beautifully sophisticated.

So, if you’re anything like me, blend yourself a frozen strawberry daiquiri and drift through these colorful images while imaging yourself somewhere distant and tropical.

All of the pieces are available in small, medium, and large.

As with the other collections we’ve seen from Stolá, the SS13 collection stays perfectly on point to the brand’s mission to provide diverse, sophisticated, leisurely pieces with high components of cultural identity.

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Sales Director: Ana Baena

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