Talking Trends with CURVE’s Georgina Pinou

CURVE's Georgina Pinou

Over the next few days, we’re interviewing members of the CURVE team to glean some insights on lingerie trends and what to expect from the CURVENEWYORK AND CURVELASVEGAS shows in 2019! Today, we have our interview with CURVE’s Content and Digital Manager, Georgina Pinou!

Georgina, What are the lingerie trends you’ve seen that made waves in 2018?

I have seen the trends of bondage-detailed intimate apparel and innerwear as outerwear commanding the intimate apparel industry. The two go hand in hand very seamlessly which is why I think it has been easy for bondage-inspired intimate apparel to gain momentum.

Introducing Lalita

Above: Lalita.

By adding on elements such as harnesses, chokers, straps, belts and leather it makes the undergarment something special that the wearer doesn’t want to conceal under her clothes but rather show off. My personal favorite look is combining a mesh top with an intricate bra to create a bold sexy look.

Are there any brands you feel that have captured the market’s imagination?

Paloma Casile and Bluebella are two brands who capture both the bondage-detail and innerwear as outerwear trend.

Paloma Casile Jane Bodysuit

Above: Paloma Casile.

How you do think Paloma Casile and Bluebella did it?

Paloma Casile is a brand who creates and manufacturers pieces in France with immaculate handcrafted embroidery, laces and silks. I think the craftsmanship alone leads these pieces to be perfect for the innerwear as outerwear trend because in every instance you would want to show it off and not hide it beneath your clothes. I love how in the Johnny line, there is an offering of harnesses alone and incorporated into beautiful lace bras.

Bluebella’s intricate use of straps defines their brand and is present on many of their pieces from bras and panties to bodysuits. I think how they position themselves on their social media strongly encourages their customer to display their sexuality outwardly. I love this brand and think that they lead the bondage-detail trend in the industry.

Hesper Fox photo by Jan Klier

Above: Hesper & Fox. Photo by Jan Klier.

What trend do you hope comes back?

I’ve only been following Intimate Apparel trends for two years (since I first began working at CURVE) but one item that had a strong presence on the show floor during my first show (February 2017) was coordinated silk pajama sets. I think the revival of this would compliment the innerwear as outerwear trend greatly.

How will CURVE (in NYC and Las Vegas) showcase current and upcoming trends at the coming editions?

The Concept Lounge will return to CURVENEWYORK and CURVELASVEGAS this season. The focus will be on four main voices and the interpretation of these voices into what intimate apparel they would wear.

CURVENEWYORK February 2018 Concept Lounge MeMoi bodysuit

Above: a MeMoi bodysuit at Concept Lounge in NYC.

THE LOVING VOICE wears elegant fabrics and holds a strong love for her body. THE EMANCIPATED VOICE portrays the new feminism and is free with the pieces she wears. THE BOLD VOICE is unafraid and rocks items with a unique design. THE NATURAL VOICE has a strong emphasis on the joining of the body and mind and has a style induced with lightness.

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