Talking Trends with CURVE’s Kristopher Kaye

Kristopher Kaye

If you ever need anything while you’re at CURVE in NYC or Las Vegas, Kristopher Kaye is someone you can always reach out to. Have a question? As the show’s Promotion & Communications Manager, he more than likely has the answer or is just one call away from getting it. The man knows what’s going on. So today, we’re thrilled to share our interview with Kristopher with his insights on what was trending throughout the year:

Faelyn Organic Lingerie

Above: Faelyn Organic Lingerie.

What are the lingerie trends you’ve seen that made waves in 2018?

I would have to say the biggest trends that I am seeing are an emphasis on sustainability and the continued trend of innerwear as outerwear.

Regarding sustainability, millennials are really redefining what fashion means- it is no longer about the accumulation of material goods- consumers have a newfound sense of control, and are looking for brands that align with their values, brands that are environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Infinite Beauty Bra

Above: Infinite Beauty, a brand helping breast cancer survivors with an innovative bra and a non-profit.

The most successful brands are using social media to tell their stories and engage with their customers. The innerwear as outerwear trend is something that is in full force – lingerie is no longer meant to be hidden underneath clothing.

Whether it is a bodysuit used to pull off a variety of different looks, or a harness used as an accessory to convey power and/or strength, there is no denying that this trend is something that is in full force and is convincing consumers to allocate more of their spending on this category.

mayana genviere

Are there any brands you feel that have captured the market’s imagination?

One brand that comes to mind is Mayana Genevière.

How you do think they did it?

I think the brand is successful because CEO & Founder Nadine Woods has established a clear brand identity. Mayana Genevière is a socially responsible, ethically sourced and produced brand that actively uses social media to convey its message, and for every piece purchased, a donation is made to Maternal Goddess, a non-profit organization that is focused on supporting women in their physical, emotional and mental well-being postpartum.

Moreover, the brand’s Instagram page not only talks about the product, but also the very issues that concern the community that the brand was created for.

What trend do you hope comes back?

To be quite transparent, this was a tough one for me to answer. Instead of commenting on a trend I hope to come back, I would like to comment about a trend that I am happy to see making a comeback as of late, which is the increased presence of neon in new collections. With the continued emphasis on innerwear as outerwear, these bright colors can be a fun way to show off new undergarments.

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