Talking Trends with CURVE’s Marion Pradier Sentucq

Marion Pradier Sentucq

Above: Marion Pradier Sentucq (center) with PJ Salvage’s President Simon Cohen (left) and CURVE’s Martin Joksimovic (right).

It’s a brand new year and we’re excited to be back at work writing about all things lingerie. This month, we continue our interview with CURVE’s team members gleaning insights on trends and what to expect from the show. So far, we’ve interviewed Georgina Pinou, Kristopher Kaye and Murphy Connolly. Today, we have CURVE’s Director of Sales & Branding, Marion Pradier Sentucq.

As someone working one-on-one with brands on a daily basis, Marion is a unique position to glimpse a wider view of what the industry is doing. So we’re excited to share her insights with our readers:

Taking Trends with CURVE’s Marion Pradier Sentucq

Ellipse Lingerie

Marion, what are the lingerie trends you’ve seen that made waves in 2018?

I have seen a lot of clean designs and architectural lingerie that create beautiful lines on the body. Designers are experimenting new shapes and lines and emancipating themselves from tradition. Which, in my opinion, echoes the major social shift we are going through. Women are speaking out and freeing themselves from social and body image preconceptions.

Panel Discussion at CURVENEWYORK July 2018 photo by John Brown

No event at CURVE has ever been as successful as the body positivity panels we had this last year. And we are just getting started on other topics like inclusivity.

Another big trend I would like to see more in our industry is more eco-friendly and socially-responsible brands and products. This trend is now becoming mass-market for outerwear. I can’t wait for the “Everlane”: or “Cuyana of lingerie” to exhibit at CURVE.

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Are there any brands you feel that have captured the market’s imagination? How you do think they did it?

I really like the work of Monique Morin (ex-MM Skivvies, relaunching under her own name), Ellipse, Keep it Silky, Undress Code, and Simone Pérèle. Chantelle made a bold, strategic move with their Soft stretch line.

I think they were successful because they listened to customers and dedicated significant resources for design and R&D.

Undress Code

What trend do you hope comes back?

I am huge fan of the iconic silhouette of the Fifties – Dior new Look, “bullet bras”. Very “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.

I would love to see the new trends of female empowerment and liberating fabrics merging with Vintage-inspired silhouettes.

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