Talking Trends with CURVE’s Murphy Connolly

Murphy Connolly

We hope our readers had a great Holiday season! We’re back in the studio with our latest feature on current and upcoming lingerie trends with CURVE’s Murphy Connolly:

Murphy, what are the lingerie trends you’ve seen that made waves in 2018?

There’s been an overall trend of boldness that I’ve been loving. Lingerie being worn as outerwear, edgier details and designs, and a willingness to embrace looks that are out of the ordinary are all ways in which the industry has dared to think a little differently.

Are there any brands you feel that have captured the market’s imagination?

I think Playful Promises has been able to bring trends together in a way that can’t be ignored. Lalita is a newcomer, that also has some bold, cool designs.

Introducing Lalita

Above: Lalita.

If so, how you do think they did it?

To put it simply, these brands make pieces that provide any customer a major confidence boost. How could you not feel like a total rock star in a colorful Playful Promises set, or one of Lalita’s strappy pieces?!

MeMoi Oversized Lounge Dropped Sleeve Top CTL00043

Above: MeMoi.

What trend do you hope comes back?

I think we’re already starting to see a comeback in quality and responsibility. I think customers are willing to invest a bit more in a higher quality bra or panty from a brand that shares their values.

How will CURVE (in NYC and Las Vegas) showcase current and upcoming trends at the coming editions?

We strive to make CURVE’s Concept Lounge an incubator for up-and-coming brands that embody trends and move the industry forward.

In addition to the Concept Lounge, we really wanted to embrace the edginess and wild side of the industry, so we will be introducing a special section in Las Vegas to highlight brands that are a bit racier than the average.

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