The Eyes Have It, Eldorado offers Xotic Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul but they can also be the doorway to increased sales revenue with Xotic Eyes embellishment kits available through Eldorado.

”Xotic Eyes is one of the most interesting and unique products we’ve seen in a while and we’re very excited about it as we move into the holiday season and beyond,” says Larry Garland, founder and CEO of Eldorado.
Xotic Eyes is the easy and fun way to create an exotic new you with a variety of wild styles from amazing animal print to pretty punk rock – there’s even a bridal edition called ‘Forever’ that is simply exquisite.

Each kit comes complete with pre-designed applications, false eyelashes, glitter, and paint. Just peel, stick, fill and you’re ready to go. It only takes three minutes to apply Xotic Eyes for a creative and sexy look without having the time or cost it would take a professional makeup designer to do the same thing.

“It’s a great product for retailers because the packaging is very flashy and eye-catching and I think customers really like seeing products that are new and unique,” says owner and creator of Xotic Eyes, Shannon Maxey. “It’s also a great price, very affordable, and the products are hand-made right here in the USA in Virginia Beach.”

Other developments at Eldorado include the recent announcement that the company is now also offering Fantasy Lingerie. You can read that story HERE.

So bring the drama, bring the excitement, bring the exoticism, and bring the sales with Xotic Eyes.

Eldorado is committed to providing products that enhance the sensual experiences of adults everywhere. For more information about Eldorado call 800-525-0848, email, or visit

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