The Giving Bride Prepares for July Market

The Giving Bride Prepares for July Market

Look good, feel good is the ethos behind The Giving Bride’s design philosophy. Founder and designer Maggie Gillette creates special occasion intimates that are luxurious and wearable at the same time. Streamlined silks and sophisticated laces are used in timeless, yet modern silhouettes that appeal to the discerning bride eager to look and feel her best on her wedding day.

What’s more, The Giving Bride partners with women’s charities giving customers even more to feel good about.

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The Autumn/Winter 2018 collection was met with much praise. This collection features lavish styles for tasteful winter brides. Items are made from heavier laces, soft stretch silks and the brand’s signature metallic accents. Dramatic bralettes and panty sets, nightgowns and robes all feature a hand-cut lace that has an Art Deco-inspired pattern the entire collection was designed around.

By far the most popular among the collection is the nightgown made from a soft stretch silk and trimmed with hand cut lace. Maggie says the look is so popular that buyers have begun asking her to ship the white version of the nightgown early.

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“This is one that I think it absolutely too pretty to just leave in the bedroom.”

Maggie also incorporated a decedent silk velvet material in the collection that she used for a coat. It features a silk lining and metallic lace detail on the sleeves. Perfect for the bride who is keen on making a dramatic statement, Maggie created this from a vintage pattern. “This is one that I think it absolutely too pretty to just leave in the bedroom,” she says.

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Another standout piece is a pair of silk black pants with metallic lace tuxedo stripe down the side. Like the coat, these pants are too good for just lounging. Maggie says to wear them dressed up with a pair of heels for a black tie affair.

Designs with this much versatility draw back to the brand’s commitment to making items that not only look good but are comfortable to wear. “Looking and feeling great is a great luxury,” says Maggie. “It’s nice that you can have both.”

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She considers this in every item she designs—soft linings are added to lace trims and ribbons create a smooth surface behind the neck of every cape. “This is not just pretty,” Maggie says of her collection. “It’s actually wearable.”

The Spring/Summer 2019 collection, which will be shown at July’s Lingerie Selection in New York City, is a bit of a departure for The Giving Bride. “We’re changing things up and not using any lace for the first time,” says Maggie. “This season we’re sticking with our signature metallic. We found a silk Lurex blend that we just weren’t seeing anything like it anywhere else. It’s really luxurious and it inspired me.”

The Giving Bride Prepares for July Market

The fabric, which Maggie first spotted on Instagram, was used first for a bralette and panty that was originally included in the past Spring/Summer collection. It became the jumping off point for this new line, Maggie says, which will include a floor-length slip dress with a seam of the shimmering fabric down the front.

The new line is very 90s inspired. Think 90s supermodels like Christie Turlington and Kate Moss. “A little spare but also luxurious at the same time,” Maggie says. She says the overall look will be much more minimal and less bridal. “We’re keeping it really luxurious but more restrained than we normally do,” she adds. However, the line will include a floor-length shimmer Lurex cape. “So restrained is relative,” Maggie is quick to add.

The Giving Bride will be showing both Autumn/Winter 2018 and Spring/Summer 2019 at the Lingerie Selection on July 30 – 31, 2018. Maggie, who is one of the co-founders of the show, is excited to see it grow into a place where buyers can find inspired and unique items.

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“It’s really nice to see people return season after season and see brands grow,” says Maggie. “We have such a great group of women at this show it really feels very collegial—everyone works together. I think that there really is something unique in that sense.”

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