The Giving Bride Quality

Giving Bride April Capelette

Holding the Giving Bride’s April Capelette (pictured above) in your hands is like admiring a snowflake…a snowflake made of intricate metallic lace. You can lose yourself in all of the visual and tactile details.

The Capelette is one of many stunning pieces in the brand’s collection and the Giving Bride’s founder, Maggie Gillette, is introducing a silk cape for AW16 that promises to stun.

“Both the long and short silk cape will have the option of being embellished with Swarovski crystals,” says Maggie. “Each cape has nearly 200 individually placed crystals in a pattern using three varying shades and sizes to give the cape sparkle and interest.

The Giving Bride Quality

“Ethical manufacturing is also one of the core values of our brand. It’s a value that I personally am committed to and one I believe my customer appreciates.”

This level of attention to detail and quality is fueled by Maggie’s desire to design and produce an ethical brand here in New York City.

Luckily, the Big Apple offers Maggie a selection of high quality suppliers. The result? All of the Giving Bride’s fabrics are sourced in the Garment District.

“Since lingerie is right next to the skin the hand-feel is as important to our product development as the way it looks,” notes Maggie. “Sourcing the perfect silks and lace is something I really spend a lot of time on.”

Giving Bride Quality

Above and from left: Margaret May of Manufacture New York fitting the Giving Bride Cape on model, Erika; hand cutting the silk and sample pair of tap shorts from the spring collection.

Maggie is just as meticulous in the production stage and has partnered with the talented team at Manufacture New York to ensure her quality standards are met and bring the Giving Bride to life.

Based in Brooklyn, Manufacture New York is a fashion incubator and factory hybrid dedicated to providing independent designers resources, skills and space. Their headquarters includes a fully-equipped sampling room, manufacturing facilities, classroom space, conference room, fabric storage and computer lab complete with the industry’s latest software for design and production.

Giving Bride SS16 Ashley Set

Above: Giving Bride SS16 Ashley Set.

Its here where Maggie works with Manufacture New York’s Production Manager and Lead Pattern Maker, Margaret May. Along with Casa De Moda, the first garment manufacturer to move into the Brooklyn facility, the three have worked on the Giving Bride’s SS16 and AW16 collections.

“When I was looking for a manufacturer I wanted to find a team who I knew was going to be as dedicated to creating a beautiful product as I was.  Margaret’s experience with luxury fabrics and and attention to detail was a huge factor,” said Maggie of the relationship.

Margaret May of Manufacture New York Related
“I work with designers on realizing their collections from sketches, images, or drapes they provide.” – Margaret May, Production Manager and Lead Pattern Maker at Manufacture New York. Read our Q&A with Margaret to learn more about the process of creating the Giving Bride HERE.

“Working with Margaret…and the rest of the Manufacture New York team has decreased my stress levels a lot because I know that together we’re going to create a beautiful product that makes me and, most importantly, my customers happy,” she added.

And retailers should take note that customers are looking for high-quality intimates that are made in America. The Giving Bride fills this need for brides-to-be and lingerie addicts everywhere.

Giving Bride at the Lingerie Selection

The Giving Bride exhibits at the Lingerie Selection this month and retailers interested in experiencing the brand’s quality in person, should make an appointment with Maggie at or visit for more details.

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