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The Lingerie Journal in Print

Cover concept for the Lingerie Journal's upcoming print version. Photo by Sylvia Krzysztofek of

Yes, it’s true! In 2012, we’re offering a print version of the Lingerie Journal to our readers! For over a year, we’ve received requests from buyers for a print version of the Lingerie Journal so we’ve been feverishly working behind the scenes on developing a unique print product.

The first 100 subscribers receive a free first-year subscription. Normal cover price for a year’s subscription will be $30 for U.S. subscribers and $80 for international subscriptions. Our new print publication will, initially, be published twice a year and mailed directly to subscribers.

How to Subscribe

Subscription is now open:

In the next few weeks we’ll unveil more details about The Lingerie Journal in Print including features and upcoming editorial. We promise that this will be something fresh, new, informative and exciting that leverages all of the Lingerie Journal’s resources.

Brands interested in being featured and for advertising information, please contact me directly at luis [at] or use our contact form.

We’ve always worked at innovating and helping the lingerie industry move forward. Last summer, we gave emerging designers and brands the opportunity to reach buyers with a new trade show and in 2012 our Print publication will bring the best of Lingerie into everyone’s hands.

Stick with us, subscribe, click and keep on reading! Things are getting exciting!

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