The Power of Lace: A Bold Embrace

Power of Lace Fraulein Annie

“Fräulein Annie is a genuine brand that makes a girl feel beautiful inside and out through smooth satin and gorgeous design.”

Story and Photos by Katrina Eugenia
Lingerie courtesy of Fräulein Annie

Art Deco was the golden age for bold graphic art and illustration. Visually, it was a time filled with rich colors, geometric shapes, and exquisite ornamentation. Technology was progressing faster than ever before while luxury and glamour spilled out in every direction like a firework that glistens and pours from the sky.

Chief designer, Frauke Nagel says her lingerie line, Fräulein Annie, is inspired by Art Deco through the way she draws the seams of her garments and how she cuts the patterns. The architectural construction of her pieces such as the ‘Falling In Love Basque’ is at once flattering to the figure, while offering superb support and design.

Power of Lace Fraulein Annie

“…the ‘Falling In Love Basque’ is at once flattering to the figure, while offering superb support and design”

Just a week after the package arrived from Fräulein Annie, I too would fall in love with Art Deco as it popped out of the 3-D screen through Baz Luhrmann’s magnificent portrayal of, The Great Gatsby. The parties were as extravagant as the fashion and the fashion as decorative as the art. Between the movie and the designer’s fascination for the era, I felt intrigued to dig deeper into the world of Art Deco and get lost in the party that happens in one’s brain when studying an art movement that ultimately feels inspired by celebration. I picked up a used copy of The Great Gatsby, cracked open a couple books on Art Deco, and immediately began to envision the photo shoot for this column through colorful shapes, pearls, and laughter.

Power of Lace with Fraulein Annie 1

It feels as though Art Deco symbolized the world’s free embrace of industrialization and the rapid changes in culture. Of all of the eras and movements, Art Deco and the 1920’s possessed the least amount of fear for change. Perhaps this is one aspect of that time that we should learn to adopt more into today’s culture regarding subjects such as gay marriage. Concepts of bullying would diminish if children, and adults too, (for argument sake) could accept each other’s differences and pass less judgment by letting go and embracing life like the patrons of Gatsby’s parties.

Power of Lace Fraulein Annie 5

I was introduced to the fabulous German-American actress Marlene Dietrich through Fräulein Annie, as she is one of the designer’s muses along with my favorite girl, Miss Monroe. While fashion of the Art Deco period is not exactly forgiving to curvy figures like my own, Fräulein Annie makes it work through her admiration and marriage of both Dietrich and Monroe inspirations.

Power of Lace Fraulein Annie 8

The rich cinnamon satin Basque is adorned with vintage inspired lace, so it felt appropriate that I should sport it to the vintage themed picnic I attended in Williamsburg over Memorial Day weekend. All things considered, no one does vintage like Kristina Uriegas-Reyes, the mastermind behind the themed gathering, but I did my best to bring a hint of The Power Of Lace to the picnic blanket. Wearing lingerie inspired looks as outwear is one of my favorite style attributes, so I matched the piece with a shear top that is also adorned with lace detail.

Power of Lace: Katrina Eugenia showcasing Fraulein Annie lingerie

The ‘Falling in Love Pearl Grey Balcony Bra’ matched with the high waist bottoms is a beautiful set that I have grown to love and adore. The palette is subtle and reminds me very much of some of the daytime colors captured in The Great Gatsby. I am particularly fond of the bow details on this set and again, the construction is superb.

Power of Lace Fraulein Annie 4

One could argue that lingerie in general possesses strong elements of Art Deco through the art of symmetry and decoration. Fräulein Annie is a genuine brand that makes a girl feel beautiful inside and out through smooth satin and gorgeous design.

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