The Strap Saver Launched

The Strap Saver Launched

“The Wardrobe Hack Saving Your Bras, Swimsuits, Sports Bras & More, One (Tightened) Strap at a Time.”

New York, NY 12 September 2016 — There are many reasons a bra may end its life span, but nothing’s as frustrating as your favorite bra going by the wayside for no other reason than your once-taut straps slowly but surely stretching into too-loose straps. Support gone and fit looking unfit, you may think it’s time to toss your beloved bra – but think again. Introducing The Strap Saver: keeping your bust, and spirits, held high by saving your bras, swimsuits, sports bras, and more, one strap at a time. The wardrobe hack to end all wardrobe hacks comes in the form of a nickel-sized set of clips that attach to, and tighten, just about any strap. The result? Renewed life into your favorite garments so you don’t have to toss them because of wear on only one part – the (formerly pesky) strap. The Strap Saver solution for too-long straps is available for Fall in 18 size and color variations, at a retail price point of $15.00 for the 1st pair; $10.00 for subsequent pairs at Shipping is free to anywhere in the United States; $2.00 International.

How does it work? The clever, patent-pending device simply attaches to your stretched-out strap and allows you to tighten it beyond the built-in adjuster – or even if there’s no adjuster at all. It’s perfect for your bra, swimsuit, sports bra, camisole, tank top, dress and more – essentially, anything with a strap! (We’re looking at you too, extra-long handbags.) Made in the USA from ceramic coated, 18-gauge stainless steel for durability, The Strap Saver currently comes in 3 colorways (Black, Tank and Metallic), 4 sizes (1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”) and 2 strengths (Regular and Extra Strength). The 1/4” and 1/2” sizes are available in Regular only and recommended for all sizes, while the 3/4” and 1” sizes come available in both Regular (supporting up to 40DD) and Extra Strength (supporting 40DDD+). How to know what size you need? Simply measure the width of your strap.

The Strap Saver Launched

Sure, you could sew your straps back into place, or safety-pin them MacGyver-style, but why risk exposed, crooked seams (not to mention sticking yourself in the process) or a glaring safety pin when The Strap Saver makes it so simple – and discreet? The women with the same idea are Shari Deutsch and Beth Lieberman, Co-Founders of The Strap Saver and partners-in-crime since college. The Syracuse University alums hold Bachelor’s Degrees in Media Production and Marketing Management (Shari) and Communications Design (Beth), blending creative and business-savvy backgrounds with a set of smart engineering partners to provide a solution to sagging straps – and busts. Supporting said busts both in the bra, and beyond, 5% of all year-round sales are donated to Jill’s Wish, a non-profit organization dedicated to offering women financial assistance while undergoing breast cancer treatment.

The Strap Saver Launched

Moving forward the pair has plans to release additional colorways including a clear version, as well as diversify into further apparel and accessory applications.

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