The UK Lingerie Awards Launches this September

UK Lingerie Awards logo

The UK Lingerie Awards will take place at the glamorous and fashionable One Mayfair in central London location in the first week of September. It will be a dinner where the shortlisted finalists will be joined by hundreds of VIP guests from the intimate apparel industry, consumer press and celebrities invited by sponsors.

Winners of UK Lingerie Awards are selected by a panel of eminent judges including editors, designers and legends of lingerie retail. The nominations process begins in June at, with the results of this process available to the judging panel as an aid to their decisions.

The UK Lingerie Awards, along with its sponsors, is also promoted in the June, July, August and September issues of Lingerie Insight magazine – a four month build up that raises excitement for the event, and cements the association between the glamour and excitement of the UK Lingerie Awards and its sponsors.

The September issue of Lingerie Insight will include a shortlist of all finalists, and the October issue will include a full review of the Awards winners and finalists, with branding and advertising from all sponsors. This review will also be published as an electronic edition, and the full excitement of the Awards will be captured online at and

Winners of any industry’s national industry awards benefit in tangible and intangible ways. Any product or brand named as a winner or finalist in the UK Lingerie Awards can use the logo on their branding, and this is highly likely to see a direct increase in sales both in-store and online. Shoppers like winners, especially in a market where there is too little appreciation for individual brand names.

The national newspaper and fashion press also love simple reference points for their coverage of any topic. Winners of UK Lingerie Awards can expect an upturn in media interest, even if the awards themselves are never mentioned. This will also be driven by the winners themselves, who will promote their elevated status to customers and press.

“ITP Publishing Group, via its UK subsidiary Promedia Ltd and Lingerie Insight magazine, is excited to be in a position to get this process moving. We are certain that we can make the UK Lingerie Awards a spectacular success in its inaugural year, and we are sure that sponsors that support the Awards will be delighted with their involvement.”

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