Three Easy Pieces from Avery Rose

Fresh, New Styles Arrive from Avery Rose

“Our collections are really made to be seen.” What a wonderful statement from a bra designer whose goals are to create something unique where there is a void in the market. There are many reasons to love the lingerie brand Avery Rose; it is made in America, has a kick-ass Woman founder, and most importantly, the pieces are made with a purpose. “Avery Rose is meant to make our customer feel truly special. I want women to feel like they are putting on a piece of jewelry,” says founder Jennifer Coll.

This is exemplified in her 2019 collection, which includes bralettes, coordinates and bodysuits in size XS to L. While each piece features all the right embellishments for an eye-catching look, these three styles will make the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

The Stephanie

Avery Rose Stephanie Bralette

The Stephanie has all the comforts of a bralette with the look of a sexy piece of lingerie. A low plunging, v-neck shape, and faux leather fabric give it an edgy vibe. Scalloped lace edging along the bottom not only creates a flattering longer line but will lie flat along the bottom of your chest and rib cage ensuring no lines are created. Gold sparkle appliqued straps are made to be on display. Lace comes into play once again along the back, offering that seamless, no bludging line. “Every aspect is meant to be seen,” Jennifer says. “The reason we love this bra for the summer is that you can wear it under anything and it looks equally beautiful from the front or the back.” It is the perfect bra for a breezy summer maxi dresses, simple camisoles, or tops with an open back.

The Isabelle

Avery Rose Isabelle bralette

Another bralette, the Isabelle, is already a hit amongst fans of the line and in fact, the multi floral colorway has had to be reproduced multiple time because it continuously sells out. At first glance, you can see what makes this a unique bra. The burnout velvet material is opaque so you can actually wear this as a top on its own. The halter neck shape compliments your chest and shoulders while the minimal back produces a simple silhouette. An accent of gunmetal at the centerpiece adds a nice decorative element at the center. Straps are fully adjustable for the best fit. This is perfect to hide under a halter a racerback tank or peak out (in a good way) under a low plunging top. No matter if you want to show it off or not this is truly a bra meant for summer.

The Camisole

The camisole is a newer shape to the line. This luxe piece can go from the bedroom to out and about under a leather jacket and blazer or just by itself with jeans. The camisole is made from a super smooth, silky fabric that feels like a second skin. The fit is flattering to your figure and falls a bit looser on your body. Black and gold beads and crystals, sewed by hand, adorn the straps making this an extra special item.

Jennifer admits this is one of the pieces she is most excited about. “I do believe that our new silk pieces will be able to speak to a wider more diverse clientele than we currently have,” she says. “They are an easier fit, for obvious reasons, and are a great entry line for retailers that want to carry and showcase our brand.”

This is also an area Jennifer hopes to expand upon. The intention is to come out with these pieces in more colors; like merlot and indigo. Also, styles that have a range of different straps like the limited edition Swarovski one. These will have a higher price point but will be truly unique pieces.

Jennifer is passionate about delivering her bras to those who are looking for bespoke luxury pieces. “The Avery Rose woman is an independent, strong, intelligent, competent “badass” woman that can buy her own lingerie,” she says. “I design for these women.”

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