Three Valentine’s Day TIps For Online Retailers

Valentine's Day Retail Advice for online lingerie retailers

“Valentine’s Day is the Super Bowl of lingerie, and if you’re a retailer it can be incredibly stressful.”

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Holly Jackson is a online copywriter and lingerie columnist. She can be found blogging at her website or on working on her goal of filling up an entire closet with lingerie on Twitter @fullfigurechest.

Valentine’s Day is the Super Bowl of lingerie, and if you’re a retailer it can be incredibly stressful. It’s also easy to kind of slide by on the extra traffic to your store’s website, since it’s part of the natural sales cycle. Luckily, there are some really easy things you can do to maximize your Valentine’s Day profits that won’t drive you nuts, even at this late hour.

1. Fix your Valentine’s Day related product descriptions

Lots of people spend the week or two before Valentine’s Day desperately trying to fix the SEO on their entire website, and end up panicking as a result. Luckily, unless your SEO is in truly terrible shape, all you need to do is focus on optimizing your Valentine’s Day related products. Tweak your product descriptions to focus on Valentine’s Day related keywords and let Google do the rest!

Keep in mind that this is also a good time to curate your best products for the next suggestion on this list. After all, there are lots of red bras in the world. Make sure that you’re only tweaking the product descriptions for your favorite featured items, and then move onto the second tip.

2. Take your favorite items and turn them into online and social media content

This list, with a short paragraph under each item, can be used for everything from blogs to newsletters as people start searching for last minute lingerie. You can either break this up into lists by lingerie type or body type, or just do one big “best of” list. Putting effort into this content once can make it reusable over multiple platforms, which helps you create a little extra time during the Valentine’s season.

You can also use this list and use the descriptions and items on Facebook, Twitter, or post them as pictures on Pinterest. This is a great way to put a little effort into one piece of marketing and get a lot of milage out of it.

3. Take questions on social media and by email, and be willing to help with sizing

There’s a myth that online business owners don’t have to worry about whether their lingerie fits or not. Of course you do! As a conscientious business owner, you know that, but do your customers? Make sure that potential customers know that you can help them with sizing details or sizing advice. This will set you apart from the crowd, and ensure that your customers know who to come to for the big day.

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