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L’amant lounge-bridallingerie-5-ArqPaulaPosser-photoMarceloDonadussi-LamantBoutiqueSensual-RetailDesign

Above: L’Amant Lingerie Boutique.

“Why might a customer not choose your product? What is the underlying reason behind a lost sale?”

by Joy Menon, founder of Merchandising Eye.

Whether it’s on a retail or wholesale level, there are obviously countless reasons and various angles to consider, including price point, consumer demand or overall branding.

However, did you know that the main reason might actually be quite simple and even simpler to address?

The answer is lack of clarity.

Your customer is unclear about your product, how to use it and how it can benefit them. This lack of clarity can sabotage your sales at tradeshows, on websites, social media outlets and even retail stores. Below are three ways to educate your customer, so they feel the same passion and awareness that you do about your product.

3 Ways to Create Clarity

1. Video:

Behind the Scenes: Journelle Collection AW15 Photoshoot from Journelle on Vimeo.

Using video is a great way to engage your customer, highlighting your product’s design, features and benefits, along with frequently asked questions and even how that particular product differs from another. Done professionally, it can be a great tool to include at your tradeshow booth, website and retail store. A great attention grabber, a short video clip can quickly educate your customer and clear up any doubts that might create hesitation to purchase. Another positive point is that it can provide a human connection, a personal touch, while connecting with your followers; something that text cannot always achieve.

2. Infographics:
Top Selling Tips add infographics

Above: section of a much larger infographic on Lingerie in the Early 20th Century.

Become creative with your information graphics, by educating your customer about a particular collection or piece, industry trends and even statistics. The possibilities are endless. Incorporate these graphics in your website, tradeshow visuals and social media outlets. You only have seconds to capture your customer’s attention and quality over quantity is key, so make sure it counts. Clarity generates trust and thus prevents missed opportunities.

3. Tutorials:
Eucalan Wrapture Layneau Layneau using Eucalan Lingerie Wash 3

Above: Layneau recently collaborated with Eucalan lingerie wash to showcase how lingerie lovers can wash and care for their luxury items. Designer Kaaren Bedi says, “When I hand wash my pieces I love using Eucalan — it is very mild and doesn’t require rinsing. Following the directions I use warm water and just enough Eucalan in the basin. I let it soak for 10-15 minutes and gently press out excess water.”

Step by step tutorials on how to use, merchandise, style or even how to care for your product are great ways to inform your customer, while developing both clarity and trust. Accompany the tutorials with powerful, professional, clear imagery and they can be incorporated into a card, presentation, booklet or graphic. The power of strong visuals is amazing; a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

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The key point to remember is to never assume that your customer knows the ins and outs of your product or its value. Educating your customer and showing passion towards your product can tip the scale in your favor. Confusion will always result in lost sales; therefore, make sure your message is simple and clear. Communication equals clarity and clarity develops into trust, which translates into sales.

We hope these tips have been helpful and we would love to hear from you.

Thinking like a consumer, what prevents you from buying? As a business owner, are there any additional tools not listed above you currently use to create clarity?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

4 Comments on “Top Selling Tips

  1. Avatar Miranda says:

    Great article, this is exactly what we are trying to do on Shapewear Guru. We try to give the customers every bit of information they need about the product before they buy.

    It also prevents lots of returns due to them buying something that isn’t quite right for them!

    • Avatar Joy Menon says:

      Hi Miranda,

      Thank you so much. Glad you are implementing these tips with Shapewear Guru!

      Providing as much information possible helps the client decide if that particular product is right for them or not; it also creates a great opportunity to direct them towards another product that might be a better fit for them.

      This prevents an unnecessary return and an unsatisfied client.

      Have a great day and happy selling!


  2. Avatar Tim says:

    This is great information. We are working on all of this. We have a couple of b2b videos and 30sec videos of the model showing each of the hosiery for customers we get a visual. We are working on staff training aides and guides to help the understand we are not the same hosiery that everyone is used to buying.

    • Avatar Joy Menon says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thank you!
      Great way to visually present your hosiery to clients.

      A well trained staff, especially in sales, is so important.
      Also, education about your brand and frequently asked questions builds confidence in your team.
      Your client will immediately sense this confidence during the interaction; it creates a positive emotional connection with the brand and generates trust.

      Trust takes time to build and is so easy to destroy.

      Best wishes to you and your team.


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